The Home CEO Philosophy

Home CEO™ is a social enterprise benefitting The Adsila Retreat. We create home organizing and homeschooling products to help families get organized, healthy and increase their joy at home.  

A Home CEO is the home's Chief Executive Organizer, Culinary & Exercise Officer and Chief Encouragement Officer.   They can also be Chief Education Officers at home, too.   

Home CEOs do more than make a living. We are household leaders, finance managers, head chefs, transportation executives, entertainment directors, volunteer coordinators, drill sergeants, cheerleaders, doctors, travel agents, childcare workers, housekeepers, lawn care professionals and more. 

AS a Home CEO, we juggle a lot we have to be intentional about balancing our physical, spiritual and emotional needs, and the needs of others.  This website, and the resources we offer through it, are here to help you achieve this balance.  

From the organizing tips and courses we offer, our homeschooling products, and our household organization checklists, downloads, and printables, everything is designed to serve you, motivate you, energize you and point you closer to that real and radiant inner you.  

We donate all profits to charity!

Home CEO's organizing and homeschool products support The Adsila Retreat, whose mission is to support the people and organizations who improve their world.  Specifically, The Adsila Retreat provides monthly donations to 20+ organizations and volunteer humanitarian project support for a few select visionary, action oriented organizations.

So by simply reading an article, pinning a post, tweeting a printable or sharing the love, you are making a difference in the lives of thousands of children and the nonprofits we support through this website.  Thank you for stopping by! 

To learn about Home CEO's charitable giving program, click here.