Meet the Home CEOs

Welcome! As Home CEO's™ we are our household's Chief Executive Organizers, Chief Education Officers, and Chief Encouragement Officers - just to name a few of the hats we wear!

We are also a team!  We work together, laugh together and most importantly do life together while creating tools for families and children.  Our Curriculum That Cares
provides complete year early learning programs for homeschools, preschools, kindergartens and donates all profit to charity.

Maraya Pearson, MBA

Founder, Curriculum Developer & Home CEO for the Pearson Family
Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!

I'm passionate about my home and family!

Maraya Pearson is a humanitarian and Chief Executive Organizer of Home CEO, Inc.  She currently writes for the SEL, Interactive Read Aloud and Literacy Play activities for our Kindergarten Heroes curriculum.

Hello and welcome to our home on the web!  I am a Home CEO Chief Executive Organizer, Culinary and Exercise Officer and Chief Education Officer of the Pearson Family.  I am happily married to Hardy, my amazing husband, and am a mom of three and spiritual mom of many more.   I am daily thankful to have the opportunity to work with a truly amazing team of women who inspire me with their enthusiasm and creativity on a daily basis.

I created Home CEO to encourage Moms and create tools you can use!  The projects I've worked on include The Home CEO's Guide to Life, The Home CEO's 30-Day Get Organized Program, the Home CEO Academy Early Learning Curriculum and When Spiderwebs Unite, They Can Tie Up a Lion, a data visualization and finalist in the 2016 United Nations World Humanitarian Summit Visualize Change challenge. 

A defining moment in my life was when I was six and saw a National Geographic cover showing famine in Ethiopia.  I was struck by my powerlessness to do anything to help the woman and child I saw and I founded Home CEO, as a social enterprise, to rewrite that powerlessness into purpose.  Through our nonprofit arm (The Adsila Retreat 501c3) we actively donate 100% of profits from Home CEO Academy's educational resources to 20+ organizations working to promote human flourishing in a number of different areas (click here to read more) including education, empowerment for survivors of human trafficking, health care in much needed areas, and much more. 

Prior to founding Home CEO, I served as a strategic projects manager at CP Ships (now Hapag-LLoyd) and JPMorgan, after cutting my project teeth as a consultant at Accenture. I graduated with a Bachelors in political science with a minor in broadcasting from the University of Florida, and earned an MBA from the University of South Florida, with a concentration in Finance and International Business.  I also studied political journalism at Georgetown University, on a full academic scholarship from the Fund for American Studies.  While at Georgetown, I was awarded the Frank Shakespeare Outstanding Student Award and interned at NBC News Meet the Press.  In 2014 I founded The Adsila Retreat and in the past I served on the board of the Dream Center of Tampa, involved with the initial opening.   I am also a 2017-18 Gotham Fellow, through the Center for Faith and Work, and believe in the importance of leading and living through the lens of love in all aspects of life.

Amanda Saunders, BA Communications

Customer Service, Blog Manager & Home CEO for the Saunders Family
Think about direction!

Every day is an adventure!

Amanda is an integral part of the Home CEO team, managing our customer service, social media and blogs.

Hi and welcome to our website! If I could go back in time and tell my 20 year old self that I would move from Massachusetts to California to be with a guy, I would have laughed. If I could go back in time and tell my 20 year old self that I would marry that guy and have two (amazing) children with him, I would have laughed even harder. If I could go back in time and tell my 20 year old self that I would then be homeschooling those two children, I would have probably fallen off my chair and rolled around on the floor laughing hysterically.  Well, here I am - a 30 something stay at home mom, living four time zones away from where I was born, homeschooling a four and one and a half year old!  I love Thai food, watching the synapses in my kids brains switch on when they learn something new, and traveling.

Ashley Smotherman, BA Special Education

Curriculum Developer and Home CEO for the Smotherman Family
Let all that you do be done in love!

I love to teach!

Ashley is a gifted teacher and educator who writes for our highly sought after preschool and kindergarten programs.  She currently writes Math lesson plans and activities for our Kindergarten Heroes curriculum.

Hi, I'm Ashley and teaching is in my blood! I'm the Chief Education Officer of the Smotherman family where I delight in homeschooling my two young children, Sedona and Reagan. I'm happily married to the love of my life, Richard and I'm a former second grade teacher with a Bachelors in Special Education from the University of South Florida. I love creating the Home CEO Academy Early Learning Curriculum along with Maraya and the rest of the team. In my free time, I enjoy sewing, crafting, Bible study and spending time with my amazing family!

Shannon Moyer, BA Education

Curriculum Developer and Home CEO for the Moyer Family
Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort!

I am excited to create resources for the child or children in your life!

Shannon is a brilliant and creative teacher and writes Phonics, Science and Literacy Center lesson plans for our Kindergarten Heroes curriculum.
Hello, my name is Shannon Moyer and I was a teacher in elementary education (grades K-5) for 7 years and have since became a stay at home Mom after having our daughter.

I am so honored that I was given the gift of motherhood. It is tough at times but that all goes away when their tiny eyes meet yours. It is probably one of the most important jobs I will ever have. I am also married to Mark who I met while attending the College of Education at the University of South Florida. I am so lucky to have found a partner in life that believes in my dreams and stands by my side to help me achieve them.

Teaching is such a huge passion of mine. While I was in the classroom I started creating materials to bring creativity, excitement and purpose into my lessons. After seeing how much my students enjoyed my homemade materials I had the idea that I could share them with others to help inspire their students as well. That is when I created The Teaching Reef. You can find all my resources here:

The Teaching Reef represents the special place in my heart that I will always have for my first classroom which was an ocean theme. In addition to this, it also symbolizes how I always want my students to feel as though they are part of a family or school where everyone belongs and everyone learns. Yes everyone, including the teacher! There is something special about giving the gift of learning to a child but it's an even better gift when a child teaches you. I have made so many lifelong memories from the children that I have had the privilege of being my students. To be able to create lessons and activities allows me to continue to share that love of learning.

Which is why I am so honored to be a part of the Home CEO Academy. I first came in contact with this company because I fell in love with their preschool 2-3 curriculum that I purchased for my daughter. After a few back and forth emails I found myself surrounded by strong, creative, and ambitious women with whom I was so honored to be amongst. Their sense of balance throughout all aspects of life is empowering. I am hopeful and eager to see what our Home CEO team can achieve and support. I am excited to create resources for the child or children in your life.

"Children are not a distraction from the more important work, they are the most important work." -C.S. Lewis

Jenifer Moreno, MA Teacher Training, MAS Genetics

Curriculum Developer and Home CEO for the Moreno Family
When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade!

I'm excited to share Home CEO Academy's early learning programs with Spanish-speaking families worldwide!

Jenifer leads the development of the Spanish version of our Home CEO Academy curriculum.  She holds dual Masters in Teacher Training and Genetics.

I’m Jenifer Moreno, from Spain, and I’ve gone from being a Genetics teacher at a University to be the proud CEO of the Perez-Aradros family. I’m very fortunate to share my life with my Husband Miguel, he is my partner, my best friend, and my rock.

Our son Victor came into our lives when we are on the verge of losing hope. The wait made me more patient, more mature, wiser. The news of his arrival filled the holes in our home with joy and optimism. When I first held him in my arms, I realized that love is infinite and that I would never be again the first in my priority list. He has changed our lives in more ways that I can explain. He is the reason I’m here sharing my journey with this courageous group of women who want to improve the life of their family and of many other families too.

Kristin Smith, BA Education and Psychology, MSE Literacy Birth-Age 6

Curriculum Developer and Home CEO for the Smith Family
Live every moment. Laugh every day. Love beyond words!

Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning!

Kristin is a multi-talented and outgoing teacher who writes SEL lesson plans for our Kindergarten Heroes curriculum.
Hi, my name is Kristin Smith! I was an elementary school teacher for ten years and taught a variety of grade levels ranging from Kindergarten to Sixth grade. I am blessed to have married my best friend, Paul. We have three boys and I have been a stay at home mom since our oldest was born. People always tell me the days are long, but the years are short and they are so right. They have brought so much joy, laughter and adventure into our lives. It may not always be easy, but they are our most treasured gifts.

Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I loved learning and wanted to teach others to love learning as well. I am also very passionate about teaching children to love themselves, feel confident in who they are and love others without limits! I graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Elementary Education. I furthered my education at Fordham University where I received a Master’s Degree in Literacy. I am so excited to use my knowledge, experience and creativity to help develop curriculum for the Home CEO Academy!

Keri Bernier, BA Forensic Osteology

Curriculum Developer and Home CEO for the Bernier Family
In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

I love designing fun and holistic educational experiences!

Keri brings a wealth of enthusiasm and experience with homeschooling to our Kindergarten Heroes curriculum where she writes fun and engaging math activities!
Hi! I'm Keri and I am a Jill of all trades! A broad range of jobs and experiences has given me a unique view of people and the world around me. I knew before I even had children that I would be a homeschooler so I began teaching my boys before they were even born!

I was in my mid-30s when I reconnected with and married my childhood sweetheart, Brian. We have two wacky and wonderful boys, Evan and Ethan, who soak up knowledge like sponges so I am constantly looking for fun new ways to teach them. We spend a great deal of time outside, exploring around our property and learning about nature but I also ensure they understand the importance of doing practical work inside the house and staying balanced in all aspects of learning.
Prior to becoming a Chief Education Officer at home, I graduated summa cum laude with a BA in forensic osteology in 2007. You might be wondering what a forensic osteologist is doing working on a kindergarten curriculum since a forensic osteologist works with skeletons (I am so impressed that you knew what osteology meant!). Well, I help with building the framework, or skeleton, of the curriculum and research the bare bones to help with fleshing out the weekly math lessons! 
During college I worked full time at an office supply store and also supported with scientific research and grant-writing.  I was given the opportunity in February 2019 to join the team of inspiring women who make up the creative force behind Home CEO. I am so excited to be a part of the team and to create exceptional, easy-to-use materials for teachers and Chief Education Officers everywhere!

Brandi Wippler

Illustrator, Curriculum Specialist and Home CEO for the Wippler Family
It is better to fail in originality that to succeed in imitation!

What's life without a palate of colors!

Brandi is a gifted homeschool educator who supports graphics design for our preschool programs.  She is also a gifted illustrator who draws for our sister store, Clipart That Cares!

Hi, I am Brandie Wippler! I am a mother of two amazing boys whom I adore and love to the moon and back. I became a Chief Education Officer in 2017 to homeschool my boys. I am also married to my very best friend Derrick. We have had many years and many adventures together. Our biggest adventure to date has been parenthood.

I love to draw, paint, and craft. Now it is my pleasure to be able to use those abilities to help others in teaching their students and children. It has been my own personal experience that art in its many forms just like a book can send a child in to a world or wonder and imagination. It can light a fire of curiosity that can send a child soaring to greater heights and achievements.

I love being part of the amazing team at Home CEO Academy. My greatest hope is to inspire children to love and enjoy learning so they can one day achieve their very own dreams.

Jordan Strange

Today’s wisdom was yesterday’s pain. Tomorrow’s happiness is today’s bravery!!

I am committed to making a positive difference in this world!

Jordan is our resident artist and her work, featured on Clipart That Cares, partners with Home CEO to benefit charity!

Hi, I'm Jordan! I have been doodling as long as I can remember, often finding myself in trouble in school for doodling while my eyes were supposed to be on the teacher. After finishing high school, I spent some time modeling in the high fashion industry, traveling to New York, Paris, and Milan. While I have had many incredible experiences, nothing makes me happier than being curled up in a comfy spot, doodle pad in hand. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to put my doodles to use to give back and to share them with the world!

Rachelle Taylor, BA Elementary Education

Photographer, Curriculum Consultant and Home CEO for the Taylor Family
Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family!

I am excited to embrace all the expected and unexpected journeys that life takes you on

Rachelle is an invaluable member of the Home CEO Academy team, whose attention to detail can always be relied upon!
Hi, my name is Rachelle Taylor!  From a young age, I always knew I wanted to work with children and to be a mom.  I am grateful every day that I am able to be a mom to two energetic toddlers (even at those tough moments!) and that I get to be their teacher for every aspect in their lives. 

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I attended Utah State University, graduating with a degree in Elementary Education and an endorsement in Mathematics.  I was fortunate to work in an amazing Title One school where I was surrounded by supportive and dedicated teachers.  Seeing the progress my students made each year and developing relationships with each child was the most rewarding part of my time as a public school teacher.  During the four years I taught I obtained my ESOL endorsement and learned valuable skills in reaching struggling students.  I am a lover of young children and their enthusiasm for learning.  

Being a teacher and now a full time mom has taught me the importance of having good support and working together as a team to reach goals.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be a part of the amazing and supportive team that makes up the Home CEO Academy. 

Kathleen Mason, MA Reading Education, MA Educational Leadership

Curriculum Consultant and Home CEO for the Mason Family
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest!

I'm excited to see young minds grow!

Kathleen is an amazing parent and educator who consults on math activities for our Kindergarten Heroes curriculum.

Hi I’m Kathleen Mason, from Orlando, Florida. I have been teaching for 8 years in Title 1 schools. I graduated from the University of Central Florida with my bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Reading and ESOL endorsement. I continued my education at UCF and Stetson University with two master’s degrees in Reading Education K-12 and Educational Leadership K-12. I have been blessed with an amazing husband and two little girls.

Kelly Fischer, BA Elementary Education, MEd Curriculum & Instruction

Curriculum Consultant and Home CEO for the Fischer Family
True teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross; then, having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create their own!

Education has always been a passion of mine! 

Kelly is a gifted educator who consults on language activities in our Kindergarten Heroes curriculum.
During the fifteen years I taught elementary school my favorite part of the job was pulling together resources to meet the needs of ALL my students while addressing state and local standards.

Once I became the Chief Education Officer of the Fischer family four years ago, I began seeking a home school curriculum to use with our (aged 2 at the time) daughter.  The most comprehensive curriculum I found was created by Home CEO Academy.  Not only was the program well-organized and thorough but it supported charity too! When an opportunity presented itself to work with the talented ladies at Home CEO Academy, I jumped on it and was honored to be asked to work on their Kindergarten Curriculum.

In addition to teaching my daughter and managing the household, I enjoy crafting, reading, and creating “stuff” with knitting needles or crotchet hook.  As a family we enjoy hiking in the National Parks and marveling at how blessed we are to be parents.