The Dilemma of Doing

As we are organizing our life priorities and goals, I want to pause a moment and reflect on a tendency in myself that others, perhaps, may share as well.  As women, we always want to maximize our talents.  We want to do more and be more and when we want to put that in practice, we sometimes execute that mission by filling our days with too many goals, too many commitments and too many priorities. If a full time wife and mother feels that she needs to do more because there is “ just not enough going on”, then she she’ll tend to go out and fill her days with volunteering projects or take a job outside the home.  Paradoxically, soon after she’s started those activities she often feels stressed because she has too much going on! I feel that there is an ongoing lie that we cannot be content where we are and that we must fill our days to the brim.  Perhaps the things we are doing now are enough?  Just a thought.  

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