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Living Now Book Awards medalist, The Home CEO's Guide to Life is an award-winning guide to achieving total life organization.  Full color, artistic and beautiful publication.

Praise for The Home CEO's Guide to Life!

  • Inspiring! I'm only half way through the book and it has already helped me so much in organizing my day to day, both mentally and in my home. I can't wait to see what the rest of this book has in store. It's a must read! ( Reader Book Review -The Home CEO's Guide to Life, May 31, 2012)
  • I have read the e-book and must say this TRULY is an inspirational "roadmap" to a healthy, happy, and successful self and family! (The Home CEO's Guide to Life book review, June 1. 2012).
  • In looking at the large book, which is as big as any glossy magazine, I liked that it is chock full of images and graphics that make this a breezy read. The content, though, is anything but breezy. With chapters like "Harmony: unleashing the power of life organization" and "Health: Nurturing the mind and body", the authors cover a lot of ground here that any parent or homemaker will appreciate...The tips are timeless and the writing style is easy. Anyone looking to find a better physical, spiritual and emotional balance in your life might find balance in these pages. (September 2012 Scene Magazine book review).
  • Beautiful and interesting read! The book is just enough of inspiration and ideas to make you want to keep it nearby for a reference. The color pictures add to the enjoyment of the book!( Reader Book Review -The Home CEO's Guide to Life, June 20, 2012)
  • With all we do each day as busy women, it is important that we are living a happy, healthy life and this book really has some great tools to get you there! (Book Review, As They Grow Up Blog)

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