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In Joseph Prince's groundbreaking book, Destined to Reign, learn how the gift of righteousness and abundance of grace that was provided by Jesus' work on the cross provides the gift of no condemnation in all areas of our life, which provides the power to therefore reign in life. Joseph explains how the root of all stress is fear, the root of all fear is condemnation - condemnation from living under the "law" and legalistic requirements (do this, do that, etc in order to "be good") which create a cycle of depression, robbing all people from realizing their full potential. Learn how the revelation that we never have to feel condemned frees you, as a Home CEO, mom or career woman, to live in peace, harmony and power.

As an avid viewer of Joseph Prince's televised show, this book was a breath of fresh air and I "inhaled" it, and so will you! Don't be surprised if you feel a supernatural lifting of your spirits as you read the truths outlined in this book.

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