[Printable] Scripture Cards on Grace

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The following printable scripture cards take many of the scriptures from Joseph Prince's books Unmerited Favor and Destined to Reign, which expound on the gospel of Grace (unmerited favor) available to anyone who wants to know the truth that they are indeed deeply loved, highly favored and richly blessed.
These books were full of scripture verses that I wanted to meditate on. So I created these printable scripture cards to put throughout my house. Please feel free to download them and use them in your house.
Christ's message is to reveal the heart of his Father - that God is not angry, mean, vengeful or "out to get us" because Christ takes away all power of judgement when we claim a righteous identity in him. Through this message we are given the gift of no condemnation. This gift of no condemnation is what empowers us to live victoriously, happily and full of lightness of spirit.

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