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There is a lot to get organized around the house in November and December! One thing that I've found helpful in keeping me get organized for the holidays is to use a Holiday Planning Calendar and break up all the events into chunks.  For example, the first week after Thanksgiving, I try to finalize all my Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree and Christmas cards.  The week after that I try to finalize the shopping and the third week in December, I tidy up loose ends by finishing the wrapping.  One thing that I really try to do, the best I can, is to leave the 23rd and Christmas Eve as low key as possible.  I try to avoid that rushed feeling.  I try to get everything done so that I can use the 23rd to just do fun things with the kids, like cookies and gingerbread houses and doing crafts and some downtime for me to do some inspirational reading. I've used this form of a holiday planning calendar going on four years now, and I find it quite helpful.  

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