Preschool Homeschool Star Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Star Unit
Week 16 of our 46 week totschooling curriculum is all about STARS!!!
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Home CEO confession time...I had no idea there were two extra verses to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star until last week.  Even the teacher learns something new while homeschooling!
"Look at all those stars!" 
This week, we stories about a giraffe that loved gem (pictured above), a hamster that likes to hide, and an iguana that couldn't fine the right place to live.  
***Home CEO Hack*** For some extra practice, show your little one that page number and ask them to lay them our in order!

Our letter crafts are always one of the highlights of our week.
"I love art time.  It is my favorite time.  Well, story time is really fun too." -Porter, 3 years old
These letter sorting mats are quickly becoming a favorite activity!

This week was all about the number 11!
***Home CEO Hack*** Want some extra practice?  After your little one does the maze, offer them a crayon and say "Can you color all the 6's blue?" keep giving them different crayons until everything is colored!
We are a big fan of anything by Eric Carle!

Playdoh mats are the best way to have fine motor and sensory fun!

 What a fun week we had learning all about star!  If you want to join us on our totschooling adventure, check out our website!  See you next week when Porter and I learn all about hearts!

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