Preschool Homeschool Solar System Unit

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We wrapped up the second semester of our 4 year old curriculum this week and it was truly out of this world!  Kylie and I learned all about the solar system!  Check out our website for more info on our curriculum bundle.
Thanks to a recent Little Einstiens binge, Kylie was able to identify 3 of these 4 planets!
I learned an important lesson this week.  Choose your words wisely!  "Lets do some space math" got a more positive response than "Lets practice addition."
We continued practicing ending sounds with our language wake up, warm up activities.
This week gave us 2 art projects!  Toilet paper tube rocket ships and stars!
"Space math" is even more appealing when scissors and a glue stick are involved!
We reunited the last word families, _en and _ed, as we finished our semester long game "The Legend Of The Lost Words."  Or as Kylie liked to call it "build a word rhyme time."
What's better than boring old bingo with numbers and letters?  Space bingo!  We do have printable cover tokens, but Kylie really wanted to use "space rocks."
We really had a blast learning about outer space.  On Sunday, we took a family field trip to the Royal Ontario Museum and saw some asteroids in real life enjoyed some astronaut ice cream from the gift store as a snack!  The solar system unit is week 21 of our 30 week homeschool preschool curriculum
  bundle that can be purchased here.

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