Preschool Homeschool River and Pond Life Unit

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We are 2/3's of the way through our preschool homeschool curriculum for 4 year olds! Week 20, River and Pond Life was lots of fun and filled with many animal friends that we are already familiar with. Is this your first time to our blog and you want to see what all the fuss is about? Check out our 30 week curriculum pack here. On to the photos!

Check it out! Kylie gave a real smile and our theme board is starting out nicely too!

One of our wake up, warm up activities had Kylie practice identifying ending sounds.

A classic story for this unit!

                                         Simon says...get moving with our gross motor action cards.

Kylie is skip counting by 5s now!

This fun letter sorting activity needed to be moved to the living room floor! Kylie had lots of fun putting the alphabet back in order.

Kylie and Porter both made ducks during their art blocks this week. Unless you are artistically inclined, I highly recommend printing out the art templates. #lessonlearned
Another fun art project from this unit is a craft stick canoe!
These number sorting puzzles have become a new house favorite activity!

"There sure are a lot of rivers in the world," said Kylie while coloring in this page.
I can't believe next week, The Solar System, will be the last week in the second semester! Kylie is going to be a Home CEO Preschool Homeschool graduate soon! It is never too late to start your preschool at home journey. Check out our website for more information on our 30 week curriculum bundle for 4 year olds. See you never week!

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