Preschool Homeschool Pink Unit

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Holy cow.  I can't believe Porter just finished his first semester of preschool!  My baby boy!  Pink, week 9, in our 46 week preschool homeschool curriculum was loads of fun.  How fun was it?  Check out some pictures!
You can't have pink week without a troll wig!
After we check out our weekly themed shelf, we always dive right in to coloring to set the mood. 
The weather this week was so wacky.  Raining, obscenely cold, sunny but still ridiculously cold.  Figure it out Toronto!  We spent the first half of the week inside because it was so darn chilly.  That gave us plenty of time to work with our new W and D playdoh mats!
Porter had fun matching the "lipsticks" to their proper lips.
I dare you to find a little one who can't resist a giant pile of (pink!) bubbles!  
***Home CEO Hack*** learn from my mistake and use tear free bubble bath instead of dish soap :/
 This week's focus letters were D and W.
Get moving with our gross motor (or Simon Says like in our house) action cards!
"Porter, pink, and puzzle all start with the letter P," Porter said when I presented him with this activity.
Time to make some cupcakes!
Porter rounded out the week by counting some watermelon seeds.
I mean really, where did the time go?!?!?  Our second semester is all about shapes!  Next week will be all about circles!  Click here if you would like more information about our 46 week preschool homeschool curriculum. 

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