Preschool Homeschool Mail Carrier Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Mail Carrier Unit
Week 24 of our 30 week age 4 program taught us all about mail carriers!  Check out some photos from our week!
"Birds used to bring mail?!?! You've got to be kidding me!" -Kylie
During our wake up, warm up language activities, we focused on listening to ending sounds and spelled CVC I words.
 Kylie LOVED this game!   I think there might be a Mad Libs book in her future ;)
Kylie has been obsessed with origami since the Japan unit last year!  During our art block, we (yes, me too!) made origami heart envelopes.  I am definitely going to keep this craft in my back pocket for next Valentines Day!
Did you all see the ADORABLE mail song Home CEO Maraya wrote for this unit?  If you didn't, scroll back to my theme board picture at the top.  I found myself humming it while we did our dramatic play block!
Math + fine motor skills = a won win for this kid! 

We also spent a good chunk of time this week Googling what mailboxes from around the world look like.  Holy Cow!  There are some amazing mailboxes out there!  Brazil ("That looks like a robot") and India ("That looks like a bird feeder") were our favorites.  If this unit looks like fun to you, click here to purchase from our TpT page.  If this curriculum looks like fun, click here to purchase all 30 weeks!  See you next week when we learn about fire fighters!

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