Preschool Homeschool Legs & Feet Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Legs & Feet Unit

What has 4 legs and no feet?
A table!

We learned all about legs and feet this week!
This was a new circle time song for us.  We loved it!  Porter, Cat Boy, and I enjoyed hopping, spinning, and counting to 10 all week!
Time to color and learn about the many things legs and feet can do!
Before you start this connect the dots worksheet, ask you little one what they think the picture will be once the dots are connected.  You might be surprised by what they say!
We wore 3 of the 4 shoe options this month here in Toronto!
Crayons, stickers, glue, and a cute octopus- Porter LOVED this art project!
Bonus points if you and your little one do these leg exercises after your trace them!
I've lost track of how many times we have done the N letter craft.  Neither of my kids have an N in their first name, but something keeps bringing them back to this sleepy N under a star filled sky.
Color (or draw a line through!) the number of feet indicated in the column.

Porter and I are nearing the end of our totschool journey, but its never too late to start your own!  Check out our website for more information our full year lesson plans.  See you next week when we learn about...EYES!

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