Preschool Homeschool Japan Unit

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Kon'nichiwa!  We had a great time learning about Japan. Japan is week four in our 12 week exploring our world bundle that is available here.   
We started our week off by creating our own book about Japan.

Our wake up warm up math activities this week centered around classifying Japanese fans and shoes by size and color.  

G and H were the letters of the week.  Our language activities for the week were very fun!  We had a scavenger hunt to find all of the "gumballs" that started with the letter G.  Lexi had so much fun that we did it again with items we had in the house!  Then we played Hungry Hippo.  Mr.Hippo only wanted to eat H words one day, and the next day he only wanted to eat G words.  Again, this game got us up and moving around the house finding other G and H words for Mr.Hippo to eat.
Here comes the letter sounds train! This week we added Gitchi and Hikaru
Our books this week were beyond adorable!  Lexi really enjoyed the lift-a-flap book pictured above, "Kokeshi: Yumi"  We also read "The Falling Flowers" and "Under the Cherry Blossom Tree: An Old Japanese Tale."
Lunch time!  I am not much for regular sushi, but I could eat banana sushi all day!

The weather for the last few years has been terrible when the cherry blossoms.  This is the closest we got this year.

We love number puzzles!

Don't forget to add pictures of your little one's personal travel! 
I hope everyone had as much fun discovering Japan as we did.  To get this unit, click here

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