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Welcome to green week!  Porter and I took last week, the bonus penguins unit, off to plan and prep for February.  Its felt good to get back into the homeschooling groove with this guy!  For those new to the blog, I am in the process of reviewing our year homeschool preschool geared towards 2 and 3 year olds.  Hop over to our website to learn more.
 "Look at all the green Mommy," Porter said when he woke up on Monday morning.  Our manipulatives shelf is a big hit.  Full disclosure, I do have to rebuild this a few times a day.  But it is totally worth it.
I had no idea how many different types of green there were until this week!
Loving our theme board this week!
Poking playdoh peas was a great segway into our..
 Letter sound tub P drawer!
We had some great choices for our read aloud books this week.  I did not remember how long Dr. Suess books were until this week!  I let Kylie take over reading duties for this one.
Our housewares flash cards made for a great scavenger hunt this week.
"Mommy, I made a turtle."  Porter went on to say for about an hour after he glued the last googly eye.
We spent the week talking about the number 4 and added a few new pages to our interactive math notebook.
We have been on a big dramatic play kick at our house, so this activity was a welcome change to playing bakery and restaurant.
The best part of our Tuesday is watching the big, green recycling truck pull up to the house!

I hope you enjoyed a little peak into our homeschool life in Toronto!  Its never too late to start your homeschool journey!  Check out our website for more information about our 45 week curriculum bundle for 2 and 3 year olds.  See next week when we learn about orange!

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