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We had such a wonderful time learning about Egypt this week!  Egypt is week 7 in our 12 week "Exploring Our World" curriculum bundle that is available here.  Check out some highlights from our first trip to Africa.
Kylie is all about cats right now, so she loved that the first vocab card we put on our theme board this week was a cat.  Did you know that historians believe Egyptians were the first people to keep cats for pets?  I didn't!  I thought the camel vocab was interesting.  We went to the grocery store later that day and counted out 32 gallons of water to visualize how much water camels can hold.  Wow!

Our wake up, warm up activities this week were so much fun! We may or may not have (we totally did) done the math activity which focused on 1:1 correspondence everyday.  Porter really enjoyed the letter sound scavenger hunt.  I think we might start moving this activity into our regular rotation!
**Home CEO Hack** How is your little one's scissor skills?  Our printables are great for cutting practice!

This week, we met our new international students Mahmoud and Noha and helped them load their luggage onto the letter sound train.  

Let's get moving!  Get the treasure, but don't touch the yarn! 

I know I've said it before, but these letter crafts are too cute! Did you know that these are available for purchase in both upper and lowercase?

"My name has a bird in it!" Porter, 3 years old

We only had one math day this week .  This lesson continued the 1:1 correspondence that we practiced in our wake up, warm up but with a decidedly Egyptian twist; we counted dates!

What is the oldest recipe card you have in your recipe box right now?  Great Grandma's Swedish meatballs?  I bet its about 50 years old and on a piece of white paper.  Want to try a recipe that is over 3000 years old and was originally written on a piece of pottery?  These date balls are for you!  These no-bake treats are definitely going to be moving into our regular rotation once the weather heats up
**Home CEO Hack** Is your little one a picky eater?  Try calling the dates "jumbo raisins."  I've yet to meet a preschooler that can resist raisins!

Porter really enjoyed our gross motor activities this week.  His favorite for sure was this pyramid building activity.  Use whatever you have around the house and see who can make the biggest pyramid!

That wraps up our adventure in Egypt!  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our homeschool week!  If you would like to join us on our travels, our 12 week "Exploring Our World" curriculum bundle is available here

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