Preschool Homeschool Ears and Sense of Hearing Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Ears and Sense of Hearing Unit

Week 32 of our totschool curriculum is all about ears!  Scroll down to see some highlights from our week.
Our theme shelf this week displayed animals and people with different shaped and sized ears. I also added one of our circle time songs for the week to the display.
Animal sounds matching!  I didn't even have to give Porter instructions on this one!
I was blown away by how fast Porter picked up the ASL alphabet with this wake up, warm up activity!
A little math and a lot of singing makes for a very happy mommy and son!
Does anyone have an old device they are keeping for one of those "Back when I was your age, this is what ___ looked like." moments?  I have my second generation Ipod and this Iphone 4 just for that occasion.  Porter used it to practice typing my phone number.
I don't know if Porter has triskaidekaphobia (superstition of the number 13), but he always skips 13 when he is counting.  Kylie did is with 8 for the longest time too!  Kids, am I right?!?!  This week's math activities were a review of what number actually comes after 14.
"Oh Mommy, I can't wait to build a real snowman," said Porter when I brought this letter coloring page out.  We have only been snow free for 2 months!  Enjoy the summer while we can buddy!
The kids have been obsessed with "feeling" the music since we bought new speakers for our record player.  This worksheet opened up a nice conversation about how we can both hear and feel songs.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into our little kitchen table homeschool area while we learned about ears and our sense of hearing.  Please visit our website if you would like more information on either of our full year curriculum pages.

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