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Marshmallows, hard boiled eggs, and E words...oh my!  Dentist week is week 23 of our 30 week curriculum package geared towards 4 year olds.  Check out some of the highlights of our week learning about dentists!
Kylie proudly announced, to anyone willing to listen, that she had 20 teeth and that they will all fall out one day!
One of our wake up, warm up math activities had Kylie practicing skip counting by 10s.
***Home CEO Hack***  Do you have any old socks laying around?  Cut out these mouths and make sock puppets!
This week in The Keys To Reading Town, we focused on CVC words that had an E in the middle.
Our art project this week was an exercise in self control.  Kylie loves marshmallow.  I had a bowl waiting for her at the other end of the table if she could complete project without eating any of the "art pieces."  She pretended to eat every other marshmallow right before she dabbed glue on it, but did not actually eat any, so she won a bowl of her own marshmallows!
Kylie has been feeling a little left out in the play dough mat department, so she was very excited when I pulled this out!
Beginning sound matching!
"I like doing these math sentences." -My almost 5 year old daughter.
I liked this science experiment for 3 reason:
1) I crave a Coke about once every 4 months for no particular reason.  I buy a Coke, drink half of it and then remember I really don't like soda and pour it down the drain.  And then the cycle repeats about 4 months later.  This science experiment fell on my mysterious Coke craving! So I got to drink my half a bottle of soda and soak the egg in the rest.
2) I've been meaning to hard boil some eggs for a quick lunch.
3) Kylie's "focusing" face is so darn cute!
So did the toothpaste take off the soda stains?  You'll have to do it yourself and find out ;)

I can't believe I am going to have a preschool homeschool graduate in 7 weeks!  Where did the time go???  Click here if you want to find out more about our 30 week preschool homeschool curriculum package.

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