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Welcome to week 15 of our totschooling curriculum- crescents! For those new to our blog, our totschooling curriculum is a fun and engaging 46 week program geared towards 2 and 3 year olds.  Go to our website for more information!  Here are some pictures from our week.  
Our coloring pages are a great way to introduce new topics!
***Home CEO Hack*** Print out a few extra pages for yourself to color with your little one.  You might be surprised to see your little one focus a bit more if you are doing the same activity next to them ;)
D, E, and F were our letters of the week.  Porter loves ducks, so our funny phonics book Doris Can't Dance, our letter craft, and our letter tracing activity were a big hit!

I didn't even have to explain this one! 

Well...This is what happens when you excuse yourself from story to answer the door after you've spent 2 hours at the park!  I forgot how much I love Where The Wild Things Are! This book is filled with lovely crescent shaped trees, crescent shaped monster horns, and a boy with a crescent shaped wolf tail.
Shape sorting with real object pictures! 
Crescent camping count.  Try saying that 3 times fast!

Our week isn't complete until we add a few new play-doh mats to our folder!
Crescents week wrapped up week 6 of our 9 week shapes semester.  Do you want to learn more about our totschooling program?  Feel free to email me or check out our website for more information.
See you next week when Porter learns about...STARS!

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