Preschool Homeschool Bunnies Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Bunnies Unit
'Twas the week before Easter and all through the house-
We were learning about bunnies, not a silly old mouse!
The kids are loving the finger play that comes with our circle time songs!
We <3 Mo Willems in this house! Whether it is a Pig and Elephant, Pigeon, or Knuffle Bunny book, I know the kids will ask me to read it at least a dozen times.
This week was all about the number 18!
Hop, hop, hop!  Porter used number tiles to fill in the missing numbers.

This week, I introduced Porter to salt tracing.  He loved it!
After a little salt tracing, writing with a marker was a breeze!
"What letter is behind the carrot?"
Silly me for leaving the container of this DELICIOUS blackberry and carrot applesauce on the counter while I went to use the washroom!  I came back and Porter ate the whole thing!
A little shaky, but he got the point!
We've added some of our new alphabet coloring pages to our units.  They are the best!
Where does your little one think a bunny can live?  What does your little one think a bunny can eat?  Their answers will surprise you!
Our animal 3-part cards may have out seeded our number maze as a house favorite activity!

Thanks for hoping over and checking out our bunny week!  Click here to find out more about our full year totschool and preschool at home curriculum.
See you nest time when we learn all about...chickens!

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