Preschool Homeschool Bible Unit - Jesus' Birth

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  • Preschool Homeschool Bible Unit- Jesus' Birth

I've been waiting a few months to do our birth of Jesus mini unit.  It seems only fitting to do it in December!
The first part of this lesson introduces Mary.  Kylie and I read the passage together.  We focused on how brave Mary was.  We talked about how sometimes strange dreams can be scary, but if we trust in the Lord, everything will work out.
Our activity for this part were dream sequence cards.  I printed out the black and white versions because Kylie loves colouring.
The second part of this lesson focused on the build up to and the birth of Jesus.  Kylie is very familiar with this story because we have watched Marry Christmas, Charlie Brown every other day since the calendar switched to December!
I printed the black and white version of this activity and let Kylie colour it in and cut out baby Jesus and place him in the manger.
The last part of this mini unit focused on Jesus.  After reading the passage, we looked at a map to trace their journey from from Jerusalem to Egypt and then to Nazareth.  I had to remind Kylie that there were no airplane back then so they were walking or riding an animal.  Her only comment was "I hope they had good sneakers."
The final activity was a fun maze where Kylie had to get the gifts of the Magi to the star of the east.  

Did you know our Bible mini units come with our full year 3-4 year old curriculum?  They are also available individually on our TpT page.  
Merry Christmas everyone!

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