Our Toddler / Preschool Homeschool Teaching Strategy

Congratulations on undertaking the task of homeschooling your toddler! You are going to love it and so is your toddler. 

I wanted to share in a few posts how I do it, in case there are other moms just starting out who wanted to survey the mom landscape and see how it's being done elsewhere before tailoring a program to her own family. 

2's and 3's are Very Important Ages for Development!

Did you know that right now your young one’s brain is growing at the fastest rate it ever will during the course of her lifetime? In fact, she was born with a third of her brain, after the first three years, she’ll have developed the second third, and the last third won’t be finished until her twenties?! This tells us that rapid development is happening right now. So hats off to your desire to help your little one achieve the most secure, healthy and positive foundations that will serve her for the rest of her life. 

Our Preschool Homeschool Goals / Teaching Philosophy

As parents - the faithful stewards of our little one’s lives - we naturally want to do all we can to help those minds grow. But at the same time we must be flexible enough to balance a desire for “rigor” with age-appropriate bouts of plenty of free play time that will allow both the child and teacher-parent to enjoy the process, stay connected and avoid becoming overwhelmed. With overall balance in mind, I designed my homeschool curriculum as a mixture of what I saw as the best aspects of both traditional and Montessori preschool approaches that could be, without too much effort, implemented by a busy multi-tasking stay-at-home-parent. It was my intent for my “curriculum” to have the quality and attention to detail you’d expect from the best formal preschool but also be simple, structured and flexible enough to implement easily. One thing we believe as a family is that quality time and free form play is the most important aspect to our little one’s learning at this age. So my “curriculum” is a tool I use to basically create the prepared learning environment that would in and of itself spark the most of my toddler’s imagination, curiosity and natural learning experiences.  I just mainly want to get the “conversation started”.  I start an activity and then follow my child’s lead, guiding gently. Technical perfection and precision isn’t our goal. Instead, we focus on the secure social connections and attachments our little one is developing and let the rest develop naturally through her daily activities. This is the most “natural” and “flowing” learning time you’ll both have together so enjoy it! 

 To view my toddler homeschool room, please see our preschool homeschool tour post. 

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Good luck in your journey! 

Home CEO Maraya

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