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Porter, Kylie, and I have spent the last few weeks having a blast with our May Flowers unit!  The May Flowers unit is over 300 pages of fun for kids between the ages of 2 and 4.   Check out some pictures from our week!

(from the 2-3 year old section of our May Flowers unit)
Porter began his week by looking at these AMAZING provincial flower flash cards!  We talked about the colors we saw and pointed to the corresponding provinces on the map.
I will give him credit for starting out strong with this worksheet!
Flower arrangement- a classic Montessori activity!  Don't have any real or silk flowers?  We have a printable for that!  

Our sensory bin this week was so much fun, we did it every day!  Brown playdough or bird seed make nice "dirt" for planting flowers and playing with Toob bugs.
Sort, sort, sort!
We made celery heart flower stamps during out art block!  Potatoes and apples make great stamps too!
Porter loved playing this floral themed gross motor game.  I called out a number and he had to jump to it.  You can't see it, but  also made a flower with letters next to it!

 Kylie helped out with Porter's other gross motor activity - a scavenger hunt!  We took our provincial flower flash cards out on our morning walk and found this beauty!
(from the 4 year old section of our May Flowers Unit)
 Kylie began her week by charting the different colors of flowers.

That's Not A Daffodil by Elizabeth Honey has been a house favorite for a few months now!  

Another of Kylie's wake up, warm up activities was the garden mirror match.

And it made for a great transition into this mirror image drawing activity!
Handwriting practice, letter finding, and counting all on one worksheet! #homeschoolmomwin

Tangrams and cornflakes- a great way to start your day!

True story...Kylie did this math sheet so fast that I couldn't snap a picture.  So I had her get up, spin around 10 times and do it again!
How have I gone 5 years and not given this puzzle master a maze?!?!?!  It took a few tries for her to figure out, but she got it!

We finished off our week by planting marigolds!  Kylie will be tracking their growth over the course of the month!

May Flowers is a bonus unit in our full year curriculum bundle.  It is also available a la carte from our TpT page.  Check it out! 

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