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One of the best "self-help" tools on the market! I have raved about this product to everyone I love, my best friends, my family and anyone battling with stress, anxiety, worry, depression, confusion or any other form of mental bondage. Prior to doing this program, I struggled with anxiety and worry-induced nightmares almost every night for almost twenty years! I credit this program with solving that issue. 

One of the best things about this program is that you will feel a sense of peace almost immediately - even after the first one or two sessions. If you have searched and searched for an answer without any luck, try this. 

This audio series is not an "audiobook" but a series of guided meditations. I suggest purchasing the download for your MP3 player. The link below will take you to the product on Amazon - click the "Audible" version for the MP3 download as it is best used with headphones, although the audio CD program will work great for those that do not have an MP3 player.

The meditations are 20-40 minutes in length. Prior to doing this program I'd never meditated or known how to. This program helps you through it so you finally know what people are saying when they "swear by" meditation as a part of their daily routine.  For those willing to do this program, you are in for some really cool surprises and a refreshed and invigorated self and I couldn't be more thrilled for you!

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