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How to Fill Space Under Your Tree Topper With a Bow


Have you ever noticed that right underneath your Christmas tree topper, whether it be a star or an angel, there is an awkward space where there is a long spindly stem.  You can fill this space with a bow.  This is how I do it.

First find some five to six inch wide wired ribbon.  If you can, try to go to the craft store and get something new and fresh and inspiring (I swap out the ribbon each year for an inexpensive change).   Then cut it into two pieces.  The shorter piece is about the length of you arms spread out, about four feet or so. Then your second piece should be about twelve feet long.

Take the small piece, and loosely make two bow loops but don't tie it.


Take your second longer piece and wrap it around the center and knot it in the back.  Now you have something like this.


Next, add some embellishment to the center.  Just find something from your craft stock or Christmas wrapping bin.  I found this random smattering of small pinecones and added it.  Use some craft wire to attach it.


Then attach it to the tree and do the necessary "fiddling with it" to get it to hang "just so" (dear hubby had to hold me up on the unsafe top rung of the ladder he patiently waited for me to make my millimeter by millimeter adjustments).   Curl the ribbon around your arm if you need to get it to have more shape.

And voila!  All done.

photo 2-1

Have a blessed day!


Home CEO Maraya

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