How Home CEO Supports Humanitarian Work

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Home CEO is a social enterprise, meaning it exists for the sole purpose of supporting the broader community.  Our mission is to support visionary, action oriented humanitarians because it is in the hands of those groups that the world where they operate changes for good.  You can have all the vision in the world, but without an action-oriented spirit, nothing gets done.  You can be a work horse and be filled with action but if it isn't held in check by a solid pragmatic, love-oriented vision, that work will be meaningless or result in, well, no results.  

Social Enterprise Giving

We're active at Home CEO!  Since our inception, we've donated approximately $70,000 to 39 organizations and students.  We also donated $2000 in products and $10,000 in pro bono consulting services.   In 2016 we provided $1000 in college scholarships to two outstanding US-based college students, including one survivor of human trafficking.  In 2018 we will be sponsoring one 4-year college scholarship to a student at Puente del Pueblo in the amount of $2,000 per year towards tuition.   We sponsored a playground at Nakibizzi Primary School in Uganda through a partnership with East African Playgrounds and also sponsored three students and provided classroom supplies for Sala Monkey Primary School in Cambodia.  As part of our pro-bono consulting efforts, we wrote and produced this video for a leading education nonprofit.

The playground at Nakibizzi Primary school was completed in July 2017.  It provides daily joy for 415 children.

Our data visualization, "When Spiderwebs Unite They Can Tie Up a Lion", put into vision the world's "bad news", "good news" and the power to change and was a Finalist in the United Nations World Humanitarian Summit data visualization challenge.

We will continue reporting on our progress in the years to come and seek, through continued prayer, guidance on how to best serve the world in our circle of influence and the geographies in which we've been placed.  We are acutely aware of our limited time on earth and see every day as an opportunity to be poured out, while constantly receiving  a corresponding, sustaining and overflowing inflow of inspiration fueled from our faith. 

Currently we support organizations like GEMS, which works tirelessly to stop the abuses of human trafficking, and Wigs for Kids which helps children undergoing chemotherapy have wigs that will withstand the rigors of a sleepover, or gymnastics or even a pool party!  We support organizations like CASEL, which is making the world a better place by advocating nationwide social and emotional learning to help children learn the skills of love and respect and international work like The Women's Bakery and Afribiz which are providing economic opportunities for women in rural Africa.  

We are deeply grateful to our customers, primarily of our home based educational products, who are directly responsible for the giving we are able to do.  You know who you are and we thank you.  

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