Home CEO's Weekly Cleaning Routine

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If you are like me and need to juggle home, work and the kids, you know that it's possible to get overwhelmed with the routine tasks of maintaining your home! But my monthly home management calendar can help you stay on top of it all! It uses my weekly cleaning routine and gives you day by day guidance on what to do in your home. Essentially, there is a lot to do to maintain our homes and by breaking it down we make it more manageable and less stressful because by "compartmentalizing" the tasks, we don't feel the pressure to do it all at once. So here's how I do it...

  1. Mondays are...Kitchen Day - Spend your extra time in here, getting to the sink, the dog bowls, doing a quick raid of the pantry and fridge to get rid of old stuff, etc. Seriously except for the absolute basics, let the rest of the house go...you'll get to them on their appointed days.
  2. Tuesdays are...Bathroom Day - Spend your household maintenance time wiping everything down and doing a quick tidy of the medicine cabinets and drawers.
  3. Wednesdays are...Floor Day - I make this a separate day, because truly the floors are one of the more physical and time consuming of the tasks (In my household, for example, I have 3000sf of hardwood floors that have to be swept and mopped).
  4. Thursdays are...Room Day - This is the day to take some time in all the other rooms, starting with the Master bedroom because we have to put ourselves first too. Then the living room. This is also a good day for doing the sheets and towels.
  5. Fridays are...Home Office Day - I gather all my various paperwork into a folder that I have in a standing magazine file thingy on a side kitchen counter that I pull out and do all at once on Home Office Day.
  6. Saturdays are...Household Day - This is the day for things that involve aspects of the whole household, namely the grocery shopping to cover the next week, the laundry and special projects (like this Saturday putting away all the Christmas stuff, although I'm going to get a head start on that today, hehe, so I can visit my sister tomorrow). (To help with your grocery shopping, get my free weekly meal plans and coordinating shopping lists that you get weekly with Home CEO membership.)
  7. Sundays are...Rest Day - Spend time with the family or go out and get some alone time. I especially love to spend this day doing some inspirational meditation and reflection. This is an absolutely critical day and never feel guilty for taking it and stay away from anything that would take this away from you!!!
I hope this helps you and I'm wishing you a very prosperous and peaceful month! Feel free to also check our our monthly organizing calendar to help you get organized.

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