Home CEO's Story of Triumph Over Bullying Featured in New Bestselling JNL Motivation Book

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Jennifer Nicole Lee is an international fitness celebrity who motivates millions of women worldwide to pursue their dreams and never give up.

A woman of extraordinary faith, courage and personal energy, Jennifer is a CEO, author, mother and fitness guru who has found success through diet, exercise, healthy living and the power of positive thought.  Prior to her eye-opening memoir in this new book, few knew of her true "rags to riches" journey.  

Her new book, features motivational stories of real women who overcame real challenges and difficult circumstances to triumph in life. Through the word of true life testimonies from women just like you, learn how you too can overcome any obstacle and enjoy a bountiful life no matter where you're at now or what happened in the past.

Home CEO Maraya was honored to be included as one of the stories in this collection, discussing her never-before-told journey "From Bullied to Believing" and the power of overcoming self-doubt and the emotional scars from a past that included emotional and physical abuse.   To order the book, click the link above.  

To learn more about Jennifer and her ministry of health and happiness vist her at www.joltofjnl.com.

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