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Green House Cleaning with Safe Natural DIY Products

There are plenty of natural products that can be used in cleaning which don't contain harmful chemicals. Here you will learn how to keep your home clean with less chemicals and some self-made cleaning products which are as effective as most detergents that are bought from stores. Use some of the recipes for creating disinfectants and cleaning solutions which can be used  on different surfaces.

To create your own disinfectant which is made of harmless products and is quite effective you will need 3 teaspoons of liquid soap, 25 drops of tea tree and two glasses of water. Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle, shaking the substance well. It can be used for cleaning kitchen worktops effectively. It is absolutely free of toxins and can replace any other cleaning product, bought from the market.

To clean tiles and porcelain you can use baking soda as a cleaning product. Just spread some dry baking soda over the surface you want to clean: tiled or porcelain, and use a sponge soaked in water over it, which you have squeezed out of its excess water. Scrub the surface vigorously. To remove grease or mildew from tiled or porcelain surfaces apply vinegar or lemon juice and let it work for a couple of minutes. Then scrub with a hard brush.

You can clean your mirrors and windows using vinegar. Mix one gallon of water with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. You can use this solutions to spray on your windows and mirrors and wipe them with newspaper. You can replace the vinegar if you don't like its smell with lemon juice or carbonated water. They will have the same effect and clean your windows and mirrors.

To remove spills from your carpet that you have just made, you need to act immediately if you don't want stains to occur, especially from grape juice or red wine. You can use a wash cloth to blot the stain and soak the liquid carefully. Then pour sparkling water generously over the stain. Let it stay on the carpet and then pull the spill you just made to its surface. The salts will protect the carpet from stains.

To remove odours from your carpet you can use baking soda. For a moderate sized room your will need a glass of baking soda. Spread it over the carpet evenly and wait half an hour before you vacuum clean it.

For cleaning your hardwood floors you can use white vinegar. You should dissolve a cup of white vinegar in 30 ounces of warm water. Pour this solution in a spray bottle and use it on your floors. Mop your floor with a cotton cloth which is lightly  moistened with this cleaning solution. This solution can be used to clean any wooden surface. To make your wooden furniture shine you can use olive oil. Clean it first and then polish it with a rag moistened with small quantity of olive oil.

To make sure you reduce pollutants in water and nature as well as on your body, buy cleaning products which contain less chemicals. Choose organic soaps, shampoos and face cleaning products which has biodegradable packages from cardboard or paper. There are products which contain herbs and less chemicals which can be very effective on your skin, hair and save the environment. Choose products that are made with care for the nature.

When you clean your home and take a shower and wash your face use as many natural and biodegradable products as possible. All cleaning products are poured in the water drain and from there they are back in nature in no time. You can do something to save it from pollution.

The article is contributed by gardening services in Chiswick, UK. She is an eco-friendly lady who cares about the environment and is keen on natural living. Gardening is one of her hobbies which she turned into a career.

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