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In the Home CEO's™ Guide to Life, a Living Now Book Awards Medalist, you'll learn rediscover the joy and impact of making your home a priority.

The Home CEO's™ Guide to Life describes three roles of a Home CEO™: providing organization as the home's Chief Executive Organizer, modeling healthy living practices as the Culinary & Exercise Officer and expressing joy as the Chief Encouragement Officer.

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This book will help you...

-Increase your confidence and achieve all-encompassing home and life organization.
-Understand the purpose and plan for nurturing your home life.
-Learn the Six Step Organizing Roadmap to organize practically anything.
-Overcome obstacles and experience joy in spite of hectic schedules.
-Improve your relationships with friends and family.
-Start fresh everyday, with a new perspective and positive outlook.
-Get your financial house in order and prioritize effectively.
-Provide practical tips, helpful resources and more!

Praise for The Home CEO's Guide to Life!
-Inspiring! I'm only half way through the book and it has already helped me so much in organizing my day to day, both mentally and in my home. I can't wait to see what the rest of this book has in store. It's a must read! ( Reader Book Review -The Home CEO's Guide to Life, May 31, 2012)

-I have read the e-book and must say this TRULY is an inspirational "roadmap" to a healthy, happy, and successful self and family! (The Home CEO's Guide to Life book review, June 1. 2012).

-In looking at the large book, which is as big as any glossy magazine, I liked that it is chock full of images and graphics that make this a breezy read. The content, though, is anything but breezy. With chapters like "Harmony: unleashing the power of life organization" and "Health: Nurturing the mind and body", the authors cover a lot of ground here that any parent or homemaker will appreciate...The tips are timeless and the writing style is easy. Anyone looking to find a better physical, spiritual and emotional balance in your life might find balance in these pages. (September 2012 Scene Magazine book review).

-Beautiful and interesting read! The book is just enough of inspiration and ideas to make you want to keep it nearby for a reference. The color pictures add to the enjoyment of the book!( Reader Book Review -The Home CEO's Guide to Life, June 20, 2012)

-This book is really trying to get to the bottom of where your motivation is in your home life. Is your house a mess (please don't ask me!), are you children's rooms a disgrace? Do you spend your time on meaningless online games and social activities? Are you in the life you want/imagined? If these questions strike a cord with you then this book is 100% for you! It breaks it down into sections so that you won't be overwhelmed all at once. With all we do each day as Mom's it is important that we are living a happy, healthy life and this book really has some great tools to get you there! (Book Review, As They Grow Up Blog)

About the Book

The book is divided into four sections. Part One serves as an overview and discusses the twelve core values of a Home CEO™. The remaining chapters discuss how to get the most out of life by getting organized for good, living with energy by investing in our health and enjoying our lives to the fullest by cultivating our interests and relationships with friends and family.

In Part Two, Home CEOs™ Maraya and Jamie teach you how to become a Chief Executive Organizer. You'll learn the Home CEO™ Six Step Organizing Roadmap, our practical method for getting organized from the inside out. You'll overcome challenges to getting organized by aligning your whole life for positive, powerful and transformative change. No more false starts! Instead, you'll wake each day knowing exactly what you want out of life because, in addition to your material possessions, your priorities, your time and your finances are also in order. We also discuss how to organize your children.

In Part Three, we discuss the role of a Culinary and Exercise Officer. In our coverage of physical and mental well-being, we'll motivate you, teach you how to enjoy exercise and unlock a fresh, positive attitude about the need to nurture yourself so you can live with energy and zeal. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you'll reenergize your commitment to health and fitness and come away with the confidence to get and stay healthy. You'll also learn how to overcome stress and worry, a common root of many ailments.

In Part Four, we describe the role of a Chief Encouragement Officer. In this role, your impact is pivotal and powerful in your home. In these chapters you'll gain a heart of gratitude by adopting new perspectives. You'll reconnect with your hobbies and interests, implement relational boundaries and forge strong bonds with your family and spouse. As a Home CE-Oh-Oh-Oh, we'll also show you how to keep the passion alive with fun, flirty ways to reignite your relationship with your spouse.

The book features beautiful, vibrant photos and colors, sure to lift your spirits as you read. In a world where the value and importance of building and sustaining a healthy, happy home is often overlooked, The Home CEO's™ Guide to Life reminds us that we all need a solid home base from which to become all we can be.

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