Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum (Yellow Theme)

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In this lesson plan (one of 45 weekly themed lesson plans I created for my daughter Lexi for ages 2 & 3), you'll find a complete, organized, easy to read and easy to implement homeschool preschool age 2 and 3 (24-48 months) curriculum to teach the theme: YELLOW.

Suggested Materials (Buy, Find, Substitute or Make)

  • Bulletin board / other cutouts (see right)
  • Suggested books on page 3 (or similar)
  • From grocery: Cornstarch (2-5lbs), bananas, 5 lemons, sugar, lemon juicer (simple one from store), yellow apples, yellow bell pepper, Cheerios
  • Sand / Water table / Sensory bin
  • Yellow and orange construction paper
  • Bin or basket
  • Glue
  • Yellow craft feathers (or cut out from paper)
  • Bat or child-size golf club
  • A few largish balls to kick and catch
  • Assorted yellow figurines / toys / objects from around the house like school buses, toy tractor/bulldozer, yellow blocks, yellow cars, animals, household items, etc.
  • Yellow play-doh
  • Tongs such as these or around the house
  • Yellow poms
  • 2 small containers for tong transferring activity
  • Tennis racket and 3-5 tennis balls

Suggested Cutouts

(Make these cutouts for your weekly themed “bulletin board” and other setups for the week. You’ll use these visual aids throughout the week. Find these on the web, print & laminate them. See activity list for more explanations.
  • Sun
  • Sunflower
  • Chick
  • Banana
  • Yellow pictures in this printable.
  • Gryphon House Goldilocks printable.
  • Action verb poster
  • “Today’s” date and “weather” labels

Our Circle Time Sequence

  • One song or fingerplay to quiet / focus the little one(s)
  • What is today? (date, weather labels) (For age two this is rather quick as they don't really understand this yet but still nice for routine's sake)
  • Today's message
  • Review one letter (usually using the letter tubs, a sandpaper letter, flashcard or similar)
  • Review one number (count to it)
  • Songs - a few for fun
  • Story time - using the week's theme selections

Daily Messages

  • Monday: The sun is yellow.
  • Tuesday: Sunflowers are yellow.
  • Wednesday: Chicks are yellow.
  • Thursday: Ducklings are yellow.
  • Friday: Lions are golden yellow.

Story Time Suggestions

  • You Are My Sunshine, Jimmie Davis
  • The Sunflower Parable Board Book, Liz Curtis Higgs
  • Chick 'n' Pug, Jennifer Sattler
  • 10 Little Rubber Ducks, Eric Carle
  • Have You Seen My Duckling, Nancy Tafuri
  • The Lion & the Mouse, Jerry Pinkney
  • The Cheerios Counting Book, Barbara Barbieri McGarth

Song Time / Group Time

  • Goldilocks & the Three Bears (oral storytelling - see crafts section)
  • Song: You Are My Sunshine - Sing along version here.
  • Song: The Wheels on the Bus - Mother Goose Club sing along version here.
  • Yellow Brick Road Game - Print this action verb poster. Cut out the items that say: Catch, Clap, Hop, Jump, Kick, March, Knock, Hit and Dance. Glue (or place near) each of eight pieces yellow construction paper (or cut four pieces in half). Lay out in a “road” pattern, attaching the floor in way suitable for your floor type. Walk along the road and perform the actions. For the catch and kick words, include a ball. For “hit” include a plastic bat or child’s golf club.
  • I Spy Game - Put any kind of bin (or hula hoop) in the middle of the floor. Ask your child to find five to ten yellow objects and put them into the bin.
  • General Discussion: Talk about the color yellow wherever you go this week. Wear it and find it in the environment.

Weekly Centers (10 bins and 2 shelves to refresh w/ “new” material weekly)

LANGUAGE CENTERS (2 bins updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Theme Book Bin (Bin 1 - Medium Bin) - Gather the books related the theme and have them ready for Circle Time. After circle time, make the books accessible for independent perusal.
  • Language Bin (Bin 2) - Gather all kinds of yellow objects from around the house, and/or yellow picture / vocab cards such as these. Do vocab drills throughout the week. Keep it fun.

SENSORIAL CENTERS (2 bins & 1 sensory tub updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • General Toys (Bin 3): Gather yellow figurines and yellow toys. Examples include school buses, toy tractor/bulldozer, yellow blocks, yellow cars, animals, rubber duckies, plastic dishes, etc.
  • Playdoh Bin (Bin 4): Include yellow play-doh and your picture of a chick from your bulletin board. Cut out an orange “beak” from construction paper (suggest using a scrap you’ve saved) and include googly eyes. Show your little one how to make a chick. Let her go from there.
  • Sand/Water Table/Sensory Bin 5 (large) - Water option: Add yellow rubber ducks floating on plastic plates in your water table. Allow your little one to practice placing the ducks on the plates and watching then float. Dry(ish) option: Mix cornstarch and just enough water so that it is not too dry or not too wet. The right consistency is when you can form the cornstarch/water mixture into a ball and then it will "melt" in your hands.

ART CENTERS (3 bins updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Coloring Bin (Bin 6 - Teacher Access Only): Print out the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story props printable here. Color in and retell the story.
  • Arts & Crafts Bins (Bin 7 & 8 - Teacher Access Only) - Gather all the materials for a fluffy chick craft. Paint or color a paper plate yellow, add googly eyes and a construction paper beak and leg cutouts. Glue yellow feathers on top. You can separate this into two days. One day paint. One day add the embellishments. The second craft activity is the lemonade-making activity (see next page).

PRACTICAL LIFE CENTER (1 bin updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Practical Life Bin (Bin 9): Set up a tonging exercise, such as this one. Practice moving poms (preferably yellow) between two small bowls or other containers using the large tongs.
  • Cooking/Food: Try bananas, sliced yellow bell pepper, yellow apple. Make lemonade with your little one with lemons, a strainer, water, sugar and a lemon juicer.

MATH CENTER (1 bin updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Math Bin (Bin 10): Setup a Cheerios counting game using The Cheerios Counting Book. Include a bowl of cheerios and play with your little one.

GROSS MOTOR CENTER (1 permanent bin)

  • Gross Motor Bin (Permanent Bin): Keep stocked with balls, toddler bats, cones, bean bags, etc. Several times this week, rotate to this station and do a gross motor activity with your little one, like kicking, rolling, tossing, etc.

Musical Instruments Shelf (Shelf 1):

  • No changes required, but if you have instruments that are yellow, segregate and highlight those. Use instruments during song time.

Theme Shelf (Shelf 2):

  • Place a tennis racket and several (3-5) tennis balls on this shelf. Practice setting the balls on the racket and counting them as you go. Ask questions like “How many” and “let’s count...”


  • Outings: Plan 2-3 outings per week at the public library, zoo, aquarium, children’s museum, mall play area, play date, church children’s group, children’s sports activities, etc. Find opportunities to discuss or find examples of the theme of the week everywhere you go. If you can, it is helpful to get annual memberships to zoos, etc.
  • Grace and Courtesy: Continue working on please/thank you, introductions/goodbyes, tone of voice, handling frustration, covering mouth when sneezing etc.

Permanent Bins / Shelves

Tidy up your permanent toy “exhibit” areas, for example, the “library” center, and other general shelves and toy boxes, etc.

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  • Friends (February) - coming soon!
  • Flowers (March) - coming soon!
  • Easter Eggs (April) - coming soon!
  • Beach (June, July or August) - coming soon!
  • Harvest (September) - coming soon!
  • Pumpkins (October) - coming soon!
  • Turkeys (November) - coming soon!
  • Santa / Christmas Theme (December) - coming soon!

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