Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum (Rectangles Theme)

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In this lesson plan (one of 45 weekly lesson plans I created for my daughter Lexi Age 2), you'll find a complete, organized, easy to read and easy to implement homeschool toddler preschool age 2 and 3 (24-48 months) curriculum to teach with the theme Rectangles (Unit 2 Shapes).

**To see details and pictures of each activity, please order the printable PDF version here. **

Language and Story Time

Book Basket (Bin 1): (search library or use these)

  • Truck Board Book (Caldecott Collection), Donald Crews
  • The Man Who Walked Between the Towers, Mordecai Gerstien
  • Rectangles (Shapes Books), Sarah Schuette
  • Montessori Shape Work, Bobby George
  • Orange Triangle Fox, Sarah Jones

Song & Group Time

  • Hokey Pokey with shapes activity

Language Bin (Bin 2)

  • Letters sensory tubs
  • Vocab and language folder games (make or purchase suggestions here).
  • Vocabulary or A-Z flashcards (see suggestions available in the PDF version, available above).


  • Sensorial Bin (Bin 3): Wooden building blocks with people. Build a city. Or lego duplo.
  • Sensorial Bin (Bin 4): Montessori Blue constructive triangles set – use two to make a rectangle or Montessori Red Rods activities or work on the Montessori color tablets (see suggestions, including alternative printable versions of these materials, in the PDF version of this curriculum available above).
  • Sensory Tub or Bin (Bin 5 - Large)
  • Theme Shelf:Any setup. Pull anything with rectangles.


  • Coloring Bin (Bin 6, Teacher Access Only): Print coloring/worksheet pages for the theme (see suggestions available in the PDF version, available above).
  • Arts & Crafts Bins (Bins 7 & 8):Gather materials for 1) Skyline craft with rectangle buildings Gather materials for the rectangle school bus (or truck) craft. (See details available in the PDF version, available above).

Practical Life

  • Practical Life Bin (Bin 9):Clothespin practical life activity. (See details available in the PDF version, available above).
  • Cooking/Food:Graham crackers (the large rectangular sheets that break into smaller rectangles).


  • Math Bin (Bin 10): Tangrams activity (See details available in the PDF version, available above).

Gross Motor

  • Gross motor activities involving painters tape lines (See details available in the PDF version, available above).


Select 3-4 activities "out and about" each week.
  • Library
  • Museum
  • Zoo
  • Kiddie gym
  • Park
  • Playdate
  • Other: __________
  • Other: __________

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