Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum (Green Theme)

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In this lesson plan (one of 45 weekly themed lesson plans I created for my daughter Lexi for age 2 & 3), you'll find a complete, organized, easy to read and easy to implement homeschool preschool curriculum to teach with the theme: GREEN.

Suggested Materials (Buy, Find, Substitute or Make)

  • Bulletin board / other cutouts (see right)
  • Suggested books on page 3 (or similar)
  • 5 green apples
  • Yellow and blue food coloring
  • 2-3 bags of green lentils
  • 1 paper bowls
  • Sand/water table or sensory bin
  • Green toys / items from around your house. Legos, animal figurines (turtles, frogs, trees etc), household objects, etc.
  • Green playdoh
  • Green construction paper
  • Googly eyes
  • 1 pipe cleaner, any color
  • Green and brown jumbo crayons
  • Empty clean egg carton
  • Green paint
  • Two eye droppers (preferably with bottles)
  • Coffee filters
  • Small sponge
  • Green foods of your choice to introduce to your child (green key lime yogurt, green apples, cucumber, green bell pepper, broccoli, kiwi, etc)


Suggested Cutouts

(Make these cutouts for your weekly themed “bulletin board” and other setups for the week. You’ll use these visual aids throughout the week. Find these on the web, print & laminate them. See activity list for more explanations. 
  • Green pictures in this printable.
  • Tree (reuse from previous RED unit)
  • Frog
  • Green vegetable of your choice
  • Alligator
  • Circle (6” diameter) on popsicle stick
  • Leaves printable
  • Coloring pages: frog, turtle, pine tree.
  • “Today’s” date and “weather” labels


Circle Time Sequence

  • One song or fingerplay to quiet / focus the little one(s)
  • What is today? (date, weather labels) (For age two this is rather quick as they don't really understand this yet but still nice for routine's sake)
  • Today's message
  • Review one letter (usually using the letter tubs, a sandpaper letter, flashcard or similar)
  • Review one number (count to it)
  • Songs - a few for fun
  • Story time - using the week's theme selections

Daily Messages

  • Monday: Trees are green.
  • Tuesday: Frogs are green
  • Wednesday: Many vegetables are green.
  • Thursday: Leaves are green.
  • Friday: [Kiwis] are green. (Insert any green food you want to introduce)

Suggested Stories

These books are available here or find these at your local library (they will usually have an online catalog to check availability).
  • The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein
  • Green, Laura Vaccaro Seeger
  • Grandpa Green, Lane Smith
  • Tuesday, David Wiesner
  • Veggie Tales Veggie Values books (listening, sharing, honesty etc books)
  • The Wide-Mouthed Frog, Keith Faulkner
  • Alligators All Around (an ABC book), Maurice Sendack
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Eric CarleSong time: The “Color Green Song” - lyrics are here.

Song Time / Group Time

  • Green Apple Hunt Game - Hide green apples around the house and find them and put them into a basket, similar to an Easter Egg Hunt.
  • Green Light Go Game - A throwback to the old roller rink standby, play Green Light Go in a hallway in your house. When you hold up the green circle (affix it to a popsicle stick) and say “Green light go!”, playfully walk up the hallway with your toddler. Suddenly hide it and stop quickly. Repeat. If your toddler understands the concept, have them do it solo while you wait at the end of the hallway with the green “light”. Another option is to do this as a freeze game with music (dance when the light is green, stop when it’s down). Most likely it will be somewhat of a cluster with a toddler, but just use it as a way of engaging and let it just unfold as it will!

Weekly Centers (10 bins and 2 shelves to refresh w/ “new” material weekly)

LANGUAGE CENTERS (2 bins updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Theme Book Bin (Bin 1) - Gather the books related the theme and have them ready for Circle Time. After circle time, make the books accessible for independent perusal.
  • Language Bin (Bin 2) - Print out the green pictures in this printable. Do a matching activity and discuss the names of the pictures as you go.

SENSORIAL CENTERS (2 bins + sensory tub updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • General Toys (Bin 3): Gather green toys / items from around your house. Legos, animal figurines (turtles, frogs, etc), household objects, etc for an exploration basket.
  • Playdoh Bin (Bin 4): Put green play doh in this bin. Make turtles, frogs and trees with the dough. Alternatively, put a few green Duplo blocks with the play-doh and let your child make imprints into the play-doh with them (see example here)
  • Sand/Water Table or Bin (Bin 5 - Large)- This week’s sand table will have small items, so supervise. Place several 2-3 bags of of green lentils in your bin. Add green figurines such as frogs, turtles, etc. Include shovels, small pails, etc. for your little one to place with.

ART CENTERS (2 bins updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Coloring Bin (Bin 6 - Teacher Access Only): Put green and brown crayons in the bin along with these three coloring pages (print out): frog, turtle, pine tree.
  • Arts & Crafts Bins (Bin 7 & 8 - Teacher Access Only) - (1) Soap foam mixing activity. Simply blend up water and a few tablespoons of dish soap and a few drops of blue food coloring. Dump into a sensory bin. Do the same with yellow food coloring. Go outside and mix to your little one’s content to make green! See photos here. (2) Craft turtle with a paper bowl painted green and green leg and head cutouts and googly eyes. See an example here. (3) Hungry Caterpillar. Cut a clean egg carton in half to make a 6-hump “caterpillar”. Paint green and adorn with pipe cleaner antennae.

PRACTICAL LIFE CENTER (1 bin updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Practical Life Bin (Bin 9): A blue and green eye dropper mixing activity would be good for the week’s practical life activity. Put two eye droppers filled a third of the way (less mess potential) with blue and yellow dyed water and a few coffee filters and a small sponge in the bin. Working with your toddler, show her how to drop the colors onto the coffee filter and explore how the colors spread and merge.
  • General Discussion: Be sure to include a nature walk in this week’s “outings”. Look at all the green trees, plants, grass and shrubs and discuss what you see. Talk about light green and dark green.
  • Cooking/Food: Try green apples, green jello, Key Lime yogurt, etc.

MATH CENTER (1 bin updated w/ fresh material weekly)

  • Math Bin (Bin 10): Print out several leaves (see here) on green paper and do counting and matching activities.

GROSS MOTOR CENTER (1 permanent bin)

  • Gross Motor Bin (Permanent Bin): No updates to this bin are necessary. Keep stocked with balls, toddler bats, cones, bean bags, etc.

Musical Instruments Shelf (Shelf 1):

  • No changes required, but if you have instruments that are green, segregate and highlight those. Use instruments during song time.

THEME SHELF (A shelf you “refresh” each week)

  • Theme Shelf (Shelf 2): Gather any and all green toys and put them on this shelf. Cars, figurines, green blocks, trees, etc. Supplement as needed with other general toys the child hasn’t seen in a while.


  • Outings: Plan 2-3 outings per week at the public library, zoo, aquarium, children’s museum, mall play area, play date, church children’s group, children’s sports activities, etc. Find opportunities to discuss or find examples of the theme of the week everywhere you go. If you can, it is helpful to get annual memberships to zoos, etc.
  • Grace and Courtesy: Continue working on please/thank you, introductions/goodbyes, tone of voice, handling frustration, covering mouth when sneezing etc.

Permanent Bins / Shelves

Tidy up your permanent toy “exhibit” areas, for example, the “library” center, and other general shelves and toy boxes, etc.

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  • Beach (June, July or August) - coming soon!
  • Harvest (September) - coming soon!
  • Pumpkins (October) - coming soon!
  • Turkeys (November) - coming soon!
  • Santa / Christmas Theme (December) - coming soon!

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