Free Homeschool Preschool Curriculum (Blue Theme)

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In this packet (one of 45 weekly theme packets created for Age 2), you'll find a complete, organized, easy to read and easy to implement homeschool toddler / preschool age 2 & 3 (24-48 months) curriculum to teach the theme: BLUE.

Suggested Materials (Find, Make, Buy or Substitute)

  • Bulletin board / other cutouts (see right)
  • Suggested books on page 3 (or similar)
  • Grocery: blueberries, b. yogurt, paper plates
  • Sand / Water table
  • Water Table “Ocean” theme: rubber duckies, boats, fish figurines, etc
  • Fish Bean Bag Toss Game: Cardboard box, marker, white teeth cutouts, bean bags
  • Assorted blue objects from around the house
  • Blue or blue themed “manipulatives” such as Duplo blocks, cars, ocean animals, etc.
  • Montessori geometric solids (optional)
  • Blue and yellow playdoh
  • Blue’s Clues coloring pages from
  • Blue and black crayons
  • Blue streamers
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue stick
  • 10 or so blue pictures cut out from magazines
  • Blue collage “embellishments”, any, assorted
  • Dropper & blue food coloring
  • Blue clothes
  • Small blue suitcase
  • Googly eyes
  • Bible Time Materials (optional)

Suggested Cutouts

  • Blueberry pie
  • Simple ocean scene w/ a fish
  • Cartoon person with a blue shirt
  • Blue bird, any species that is blue
  • Simple sky scene w/ a cloud on it
  • Five blue circles, different sizes
  • Five yellow squares, different sizes
  • Ten white “shark teeth”
  • Blue pictures in this printable.
  • “Today’s” date and “weather” labels

Circle Time Sequence

  • One song or fingerplay to quiet / focus the little one(s)
  • What is today? (date, weather labels) (For age two this is rather quick as they don't really understand this yet but still nice for routine's sake)
  • Today's message
  • Review one letter (usually using the letter tubs, a sandpaper letter, flashcard or similar)
  • Review one number (count to it)
  • Songs - a few for fun
  • Story time - using the week's theme selections

Daily Messages

  • Monday: My [article of clothing] is blue.
  • Tuesday: Blueberries are blue.
  • Wednesday: The ocean is blue.
  • Thursday: The sky is blue.
  • Friday: Bluejays are blue.

Story Time Suggestions (find at library or order here)

  • Blue Hat, Green Hat, Sandra Boynton
  • Little Blue Truck, Alice Schertle
  • Blueberry Mouse, Alice Low
  • Mary Lou Likes Blue, Lyn Hester
  • Good Night Blue, Angela Santomero
  • Welcome to Blue’s Clues, Angela Santomero
  • Blue Sea, Robert Kalan
  • Two Bluejays, Ann Rockwell
  • Little Cloud, Eric Carle
  • Clouds, Ann Rockwell

Song Time / Group Time

  • Song - Little Boy Blue: See song by Mother Goose Club on YouTube.
  • Song - Lavender Blue: See song by Mother Goose Blue on YouTube.
  • Big Fish Game: Draw a large fish face on the side of a good size cardboard box. Cut a large hole out where the mouth would be and add paper teeth. Tape the board to a chair and toss bean bags into the mouth.
  • I Spy Game: Hide a blue object and use positional words (above, below, etc) to help find it.
  • Blue Streamers Dancing: Dance with blue streamers to a variety of music, including “Blue Suede Shoes” by Elvis.
  • General Discussion: Throughout the week, wear blue and point out blue objects around the house and when out and about.

Weekly Centers (10 bins and 2 shelves to refresh w/ “new” material weekly)

Language Centers (2 bins & sensory tub updated weekly)

    • Theme Book Bin (Bin 1 - Medium Size): Gather the blue theme books for use at Circle Time. After circle time, make the books accessible for independent perusal.
    • Language Bin (Bin 2 - Smaller Size): Gather blue items from around the house and/or include the blue pictures in this printable. Explore together and do vocab drills/games throughout the week.

    Sensorial Centers (2 bins & one sensory tub updated weekly)

    • General Toys (Bin 3 - Smaller Size): Refresh two rotating Sensorial bins with small toys that enhance the theme such as: blue blocks, blue cars, ocean animals, blue Montessor geometric solids, etc.
    • Playdoh Bin (Bin 4 - Smaller Size): Put blue and yellow playdoh, a pie dish (or better yet a small shallow tart dish) and a picture of a blueberry pie (can use bulletin board cutout). Roll out yellow pie “dough” and top with “blueberries” made from playdoh balls.
    • Sand/Water Table or Large Bin 5:Add water themed toys in your water table: rubber duckies, boats, fish figurines, etc. Small balloons can also be blown up and drawn with permanent marker to become “fish”. (I recommend putting a plastic tablecloth on the floor).


    Art Centers (2 bins updated w/ fresh material weekly)

    • Coloring Bin (Bin 6 - Teacher Access Only): Print Blue’s Clues free coloring pages from Provide blue and black crayons.
    • Arts & Crafts Bin (Bin 7 & 8 - Teacher Access Only): Gather all the materials for a blue collage and a paper plate fish. For the blue collage, using a gluestick, attach magazine photos and other blue art embellishments to blue construction paper to make a collage. For the paper plate fish, you use safety scissors, glue and any embellishment you want to create a fish (paint, scraps of tissue paper, cutouts, pipe cleaners, google eyes, etc).

    Practical Life Center (1 bin updated weekly)

    • Practical Life Bin (Bin 9): Set up a Montessori dropper transferring activity. Add blue dyed water to a dropper and let your little one experiment with dropping the water into another container. 


    Math Center (1 bin updated w/ fresh material weekly)

    • Math Bin (Bin 10 - Smaller Size): Cut out five blue circles and five yellow squares of different sizes (suggest using colored laminated cardstock). While you are sorting blue versus yellow you can also discuss size and shape while you are at it.

    Gross Motor Center (1 permanent bin)

    • Gross Motor Bin (Permanent Bin): Blue streamers will be needed for a circle time group activity. Otherwise, no updates to this bin are necessary. Keep stocked with balls, toddler bats, cones, bean bags, etc.

    Musical Instruments Shelf (Shelf 1):

    No changes required, but if you have instruments that are blue, segregate and highlight those. Use instruments during song time.

    Theme Shelf (Shelf 2):

    Create a Dramatic Play bin for Little Boy Blue’s Suitcase. Gather blue clothes all over the house (baby, doll, etc) and practice folding and packing them into a small suitcase.

    Social / Emotional

    • Outings: Plan 2-3 outings per week at the public library, zoo, aquarium, children’s museum, mall play area, play date, church children’s group, children’s sports activities, etc. Find opportunities to discuss or find examples of the theme of the week everywhere you go. If you can, it is helpful to get annual memberships to zoos, etc.
    • Grace and Courtesy: Continue working on please/thank you, introductions/goodbyes, tone of voice, handling frustration, covering mouth when sneezing etc.

    Permanent Bins / Shelves

    Tidy up your permanent toy “exhibit” areas, for example, the “library” center, and other general shelves and toy boxes, etc.
    Cooking/FoodTry blueberries, blueberry yogurt.

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    • Beach (June, July or August) - coming soon!
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