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I'm a homeschooling mom and I'm putting together my homeschool curriculum in PDF form for other moms to use. I have a set of theme posters that cover the 45 themes we are doing this year (2014-2015) and my first set of lesson plans for the first unit, which will cover the first nine weeks of our "school year" which starts August 25th.  I'll be posting the rest soon. Our 45 themes are broken into five units: Colors, Shapes, Animals, All About Me, and "Seasonal".  The seasonal unit are nine lesson plans that will fit in throughout the year at the appropriate season. Below are some of my themes I've picked!  We have these posters printed, laminated and placed on our classroom "bulletin board"


photo 2-1

To download my theme posters (shown below), click here. To download my complete curriculum for Unit 1 Colors, click here

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  Preschool Weekly Theme Ideas_coverpagePreschool Weekly Theme Ideas_Unit3 Preschool Weekly Theme Ideas_Seasonal

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