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Clean Inspiring Bathrooms We Love

A bathroom can either be a haven of peace or the scariest part of your house...hopefully it's the latter! Here are some of the bathrooms that are inspiring us to keep ours clean and organized as we embark on our spring cleaning.

1. Store In Style

No matter what amazing bathroom you're seeing, one thing is for sure...all of the bathroom supplies are neatly arranged and, where possible, are taken out of their original store-bought packaging and put into neutral containers or jars to give a unified look.

This DIY mason jar storage from DIY Playbook is an inexpensive way to store bathroom essentials.
This bathroom from Shades Of Blue Interiors uses natural and metal baskets to arrange things. We really like their idea of corralling the toilet paper on the top of the toilet into a simply metal basket - what a nice way to quickly and inexpensively add style! We'll definitely be on the lookout for a similar metal basket when we're out and about.

2. Keep Counters Clutter Free

The best kitchens and bathrooms always have at least one thing in common - they have as little on the countertops as possible.  No matter how small your space, try to do your best to limit the amount of things on the counters.  It really makes a difference!  Store as much as you can out of sight or at least in baskets.  This may require some paring down, but the visual appeal is well worth it. 

Replace the clutter with a few nice, ornamental touches, like the fresh flowers and foliage arrangements in these two examples.

This design from One Kindesign includes only a soap dispenser and a plant arrangement. 
This counter from The Lily Pad Cottage chooses s a flower arrangement and nice soaps as their countertop choices.  We also saw one bathroom with a small, stylish decorative hand clock as a nice and useful bathroom counter decoration. 

3. Use Your Wall Space

Hanging shelves are a great way to get things off the counters and can also create cute visual interest to your bathrooms with various vignettes of bathroom supplies, which you can change up slightly with each season, if you desire. 

This storage cabinet from Shanty 2 Chic is a great way to hide supplies stylishly in small bathrooms.  You don't need to always have deep cabinets.  This shallow one is a great way to keep things clutter free and clean.
This shelf storage look from CherishedBliss.com uses glass jars to house soaps which is a great way to get rid of the bright colored packaging and use your supplies as decoration!  Note, too, how they roll up hand towels in the baskets and add a few accessories to make these shelves both stylish and functional.  You might be able to make recreate look without even going out and buying anything!
We hope these ideas inspired you as much as they did us.  A few small touches can add a lot of appeal to your bathroom and make it tidy and clean.  

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