5 Steps to Gorgeous Long Hair

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Over the years, I've gotten compliments about how I style my hair.  So I thought I might share a post on exactly how I do it!  One thing I want to say is that hair doesn't just "come out that way".  It has to be styled to have that smooth, flowing effect.  My hair naturally is dry, course, wavy and quite frizzy!  Luckily though, it responds rather well to styling!  So, for any of you with unruly hair, here's how I get head-turning locks!

Step 1: 

Plug in some hot rollers and let them hang out and get hot (you'll use them in Step 3).  Then apply your desired hair styling product (I recommend mousse at the roots and serums at the middle and ends), and blow dry your hair straight with a paddle brush.  Point your blow dryer down and blow dry the hair that's in your brush.  You can also flip your head and do it upside down for more body if you'd like.  The main thing is just to keep brushing your hair while blow drying to get a more tamed outcome than just blow drying all "willy nilly".  If you have bangs,  I recommend blow drying them first with a round brush rolled back and to the side (after lots of trial and error, this gives you the best "lay" of your bangs later).   Once bangs are dry, quickly blow dry your hair in three sections - bottom, middle and top.   Once you're done, if you're like me and have naturally wavy hair, it will still look rather frizzy and unstyled, but it's a good "base" for the remaining steps to give you a more polished look in the end. 

Step 2:

Now, spritz on a bit of heat protecting spray and do a quick flat iron on your whole head.  Again, I really like to do bottom, middle and top and get every strand covered.  I don't do it perfectly.  This is just a cursory smoothing.  At this point, your hair will lay much more smoothly, but if you're like me and have colored dry ends, the ends still won't be very styled and "flowy" yet.

Step 3:

By now your hot rollers will be nice and steamy.  Roll your entire head.  I like to switch it up - sometimes I roll to the sides.  Sometimes I roll up.  Sometimes I roll down.  They all give nice results.  Lately I've been rolling up.  If you're new to hot rollers, it will take a good five times or so to get coordinated with setting them.  I've been using rollers since I discovered them in 9th grade and have been hooked ever since!  After you've set your rollers do a quick all over spray with some hairspray and then quickly evacuate your fume-y bathroom. 

Step 4:

Now you can head our of the bedroom and just chill with your little one, grab a cup of tea or do a few household chores while you wait for your rollers to set.  20 minutes is ideal, but even 10 will add value.  Sometimes I let them hang out for a whole hour if I have the time.  My son always has neighborhood friends over and on many occasions I'm in the kitchen with hot rollers and I find myself fretting about whether this is embarrassing to him but after I've asked him furtively if he has any issue with it he genuinely seem to not care one iota, so it just works out for our family.  When my daughter emerges from her room she just tends to just give me a big "whatever floats your boat..." eyebrow raise and leaves it at that.  I've only gotten a chance to roll her hair once... 

Step 5:

After the rollers have cooled, take them down, shake out your hair and take a wide toothed comb and tidy up your locks.  Honestly, most of the time, there's nothing left to do.  It just hangs perfectly.  Sometimes I might do a quick spritz of hairspray on the ends and a touch on my bangs to push them to the side.  But on normal days (like today actually) I just leave it soft. 

Although this is a bit of work, the outcome is really nice.  I get a lot of compliments on this style and my husband likes it too.  I am lucky in that because my hair is dry, I won't have to do anything to it for a few days.  So there's one day of work and two days of a simple brush. 

If you have hair texture like mine, I hope this helps give you ideas on how to style your hair.  Have a great day!

Home CEO Maraya

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