5 Prayers for My Children

Most every time I have the lovely opportunity to rock and cuddle with my little six month old Lexi, I use the time to pray good things over her. Here is what I pray for my daughter- perhaps you can use these as inspiration for your prayers for your precious little ones! 
  1. Thanks to God for protecting, guiding and living in spirit and relationship with her. 
  2. That she would have wisdom, joy and love in her heart and mind. 
  3. That she would have a secure attachment to her parents. 
  4. Gratitude for being able to stay home with her. 
  5. Sometimes I pray for a nap (for myself!)! 

 These are just some small things. Use the quiet moments with your baby for prayer time. Pet your baby's little head and arms too and marvel in her adorableness. Incidentally, this is also helpful to do during middle of the night feeds. The next time you are feeling particularly tired during a night waking, stop and imagine this: you are older and your children are grown and at that time you had the thought "wow, I wish I could have one more night with my little infant - she was so cute and sweet during those middle of the night wakings". Then - boom! - imagine you are back in time, so excited to have this awesome opportunity to connect with your precious little munchkin! It makes the night wakings so special. This works for anything, by the way, like driving the kids to school, going to soccer practice, making their lunches, etc. Try it! Leave a comment on what your prayers are for your children - would love to hear!

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