4 Keys to Easy House Cleaning

Everybody is aware of the benefits of a clean and organized home but only a few of us put cleanliness first. A busy schedule can drain all your energy and get you run down for a while. No matter how tedious, engaging in housework is an essential part of your everyday life. The good news is, there is a way to make it easier. Just follow these simple and great ideas.

1. Do a little bit of cleaning and decluttering each day.

When we get busy, we are inclined to neglect domestic chores and duties. It's perfectly normal. After a long day at work, you want to get back home, put your feet up on a table and while your evening away in front of the TV. You surely don't feel like cleaning the oven or getting dirt off that frying pan. But the longer you delay, the more the chores. In the end you will have to spend your weekend cleaning.

A great way to make cleaning easier is to do a little bit each and every day. For example, do the dishes right after you have dinner. If you leave it for later, you may never get to it. When you change your clothes, put the ones you've been wearing all day back in the closet or in the laundry basket. Don't drop them on the floor or let them pile up on your bed. Been shopping? Make sure to place all the products in your fridge as soon as you enter the premises. Tonight when you get back home, dust all surfaces in all the rooms. Leave vacuuming for tomorrow.

2. Always place items where they belong.

If you want to save time cleaning, you have to clutter less. This means you need to put away all items after use. Everything should have an assigned place. Don't move things from one place to another. Make sure to put everything back where it belongs after use. This simple trick will help you keep clutter to a minimum. Rather than picking up things from the floor and placing them somewhere else where they will still get in the way, choose to either dispose of them (if they are no longer necessary) or put them in their proper place.

3. Reward yourself.

After you do some house chores, don't forget to reward yourself. Even if you didn't accomplish much today, you still did a great job. As you know, the beginning is always the hardest. The reward varies according to your preferences. Do something you love doing, whether going for a walk, watching your favorite TV series, chatting with a friend, cooking, eating or reading a book. A little tip: If you are in a rush to get the job done, you may not be successful. Your final goal should not be the reward. You ought to reward yourself only after you do some work. To make it easy, assign a set of tasks for each day and make sure you accomplish everything before you get to the reward.

4. Split up the tasks.

What is so scary about a particular job is not the job itself but the fact that it is big. Huge tasks give you the creeps because you think they will take an indefinite amount of time and probably suck your energy. When it comes to a big job, the best way to go is to split it up, break it down to smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish. For example, if you have to wipe down all the surfaces, split the task into sections. Clean one section of your home today and leave the rest for another time. Do one task at a time and you will be fine.See? It's that easy. You just need a little practice and persistence.

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