3 Stress-Busting Strategies for Busy Moms

When times like these happen, instead of lashing out in frustration, which you'll later regret, try these simple stress-busting strategies that really work! Moms, Dads, ladies, gents - you know what it feels like to be pulled in a million directions - baby fussing, work piling up, a messy kitchen or a looming deadline or lost item, etc. 

  1.  Relax your jaw.  Strange but true.  I learned this from an episode of 19 Kids and Counting; Michelle Duggar mentioned that one thing she did to help her cope with labor was to relax her jaw.  Seemed like an unusual tip, but given that she's the expert at delivering children (19 and counting!), she must know a thing or two about managing physical and emotional stress!  Lo and behold, just the simple act of relaxing and loosening your jaw can keep the stress from building up.  You just feel calmer for some reason!  So the next time you're frantically searching for something or in a time crunch at the grocery store with a chorus of kid interruptions or incoming phone calls or a barrage of problems to solve at work or home and you feel that you're beginning to lose your cool, take a deep breath and try this
  2. Drop your shoulders.  Don't think you have tension in your shoulders and neck?  Well, right now, drop your shoulders - completely.  Surprised?  You probably noticed that they fell a bit.  We hold a lot of tension in the base of our neck and shoulders and this is a needless use of energy.  Consciously think about dropping your shoulders so that tension doesn't build up.  My husband used to always complain of neck and shoulder pain.  I mentioned to him that while at his desk, it always looked like he was unconsciously holding his shoulders up at attention while typing.  After becoming aware of this, he practices dropping his shoulders while typing and his neck pain improved. 
  3. Use imagery.  You've most likely heard of using the imagery of exhaling stress / negativity with each outbreath, like the wave of the ocean, but another image that works well is something that I learned from Denise Lynch's Living an Empowered Life audio series.  She says to imagine how water in a stream gently rolls around rocks in it's path.  Likewise, we can be flexible to gracefully move around our "rocks" or interruptions / circumstances / issues that get in the way and do so in with ease and without losing our "flow" or cool. I hope these tips work for you - they work for me!  Have a blessed day.  For more tips on stress management, check out our book The Home CEO's Guide to Life.

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