10 Keys to a Healthy Life

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Sleep, exercise, nutrition You've heard it before but hear it again! These ten habits are a must to create a lifetime of health and harmony. It all starts on the inside!  Click to download these 10 Keys in a printable PDF poster. 

Getting Organized

Are you...

  • Setting your daily focus and sticking to the plan?
    • Key to success: Choosing and accepting our life’s mission.
  • Asking for help when you need it?
    • Key to success: Accepting that we don’t have to do everything and being realistic with our schedules.

Keeping Your Mind and Body Healthy

Are you...

  • Sleeping at least 7-8 hours most nights?
    • Key to success: Planning our bedtime and honoring our priorities.
  • Eating healthy at each meal, drinking eight glasses of water daily and limiting sweets to one daily?
    • Key to success: Scheduling time to make good food available.
  • Exercising at least two  or three times a week?
    •  Key to success: Seeking out opportunities all the time to exercise in small ways.
  • Managing stress by clearly identifying your stressors and acting on ways to reduce their impact?
    • Key to success: Seeking perspective and managing (often self-imposed!) stressors.

Living with an Undercurrent of Enduring Joy (in spite of circumstances)

Are you...

  • Staying positive by imagining the best possible outcome for any situation?
    • Key to success: Learning to direct our energies to positive thoughts and actions.
  • Maintaining boundaries in the area of family, career, and personal maintenance?
    • Key to success: Setting, respecting and maintaining boundaries.
  • Building relationships with people whom you trust and get along with?
    • Key to success: Selectivity, acceptance of others, and healthy boundaries.
  • Identifying and stopping self-sabotaging behavior?
    • Key to success: Awareness towards this tendency and redirecting our attention to focus on what we want, not what we’re afraid of.

[Updated 5/14/2015, originally published 5/14/2009]

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