Recommended Reads: What Babies Say Before They Talk

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This was one of the most insightful books I read before the birth of my littlest one.  
This book is written by a medical doctor and psychiatrist and as a result it provides scientific, research-based information on decoding the language of infants. In addition to providing insight on nine key signals, it helps the reader understand how to effectively respond to your child (and what responses to avoid) in order to create a positive experience, build self esteem and sense of well-being, which leads to happy, healthy, responsible children. 

There is a lot of insight into how parents naturally react to some of the "negative" expressions of children (anger, fear, shame, etc) and what the common communication pitfalls are when these emotions are expressed and how to avoid them. All parents will benefit from the sensitivity that will be gained from the insights provided in this book. 

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