Recommended Reads: The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People

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This classic book on life organization is more thorough, more researched, more intuitive and more thoughtful than most in it's genre and thus has endured as a classic since it's first publication over 25 years ago.  This book has a great treatment of how to decipher what is in our control versus what is out of control and how to segregate activities into four "quadrants" and how the most effective people spend most of their time in the Quadrant Two (Important but Not Urgent activities), which include health maintenance, planning, relationship building, family time and more.  If you don't already have this book, I highly recommend getting a copy.  No matter how often I've perused it, I always find interesting and insightful concepts, methods and advice.  Few books in the personal-growth genre match the detail included in this book. 

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