Preschool Homeschool Yellow Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Yellow Unit
Porter and I just wrapped up week 3, yellow, of our 45 preschool homeschool curriculum bundle for 2-3 year olds. Click here to find out more about our program.  Check out some pictures from our week!
Yellow!  After mama and dada, yellow was the first "real" word Porter could say.
Theme board time!
Crack!  We had so much fun 'cracking' the yolks and 'popping' the corn on our newest playdoh mats.  Check out Life On A Dime's blog for a great homemade play dough recipe here.
We love clip cards in this house.  Sometimes we clip them.  Sometimes we put pompoms down.  Or in this case, a game token from Sequence Junior. 
I love, love, LOVE these nylon knives from Curious Chef.  Kylie has been using them for a few years now and now it is Porter's turn to join in on the kitchen fun!  These knives are serrated,  but dull.  They are PERFECT for teaching early knife skills and cutting soft fruit or steamed veggies.
"Oh!  Numbers!" Porter always yells when he sees this sheet.
We practiced recognizing S and R words this week.
Puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles!  He loved the crayon and bus puzzle this week.
Quack, quack! This fluffy yellow chick joined our family this week.  Did anyone try out the scissor exercise with craft?  Porter was not interested, but we have 42 more weeks to try!
Progress!  Full disclosure though, the sunflower line is the only line he made on this worksheet.  But progress all the same!

There you have it- yellow week!  I also tried to incorporate "yellow" music this week.  We listened to Coldplay, The Beattles, and Elton John.  Porter couldn't have cared less, but I enjoyed it!  Next week is a planning week, so we won't have any "formal" lessons.  But for those that want to keep the ball rolling, there will be penguins mini lesson in your library soon.  It's never too late to start your own homeschool preschool journey!  Check out our program here

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