Preschool Homeschool Valentine's Day Unit

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Hearts, cupcakes, and skip counting - oh my!  This week was all about Valentine's Day!
What's better than space math?  Cupcake math!!!
We cut, coloured, and addressed these valentines during one of our language blocks.  I was really hoping the tiny pink heart was for me, but Kylie informed me that was for Sky from Paw Patrol :(
These strip puzzles are a favorite in our house!
I was a little worried Kylie wouldn't "get" this activity.  But after reading Will You Fill My Bucket?  by Carol McCloud, she instantly "got" it!  I asked her what are some things she can do to make her brother happy and she told me "sharing." I asked what she can do for a person at swim lessons to make them feel happy and she said "hold the door." #proudmom
We took a more free form approach to the art project this week, but we still had loads of fun!
"This is like our Christmas around the world activity," Kylie said when I brought this out.
Nothing like a pudding parfait to brighten up a cold and snowy day and get us into the Valentine spirit!

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Happy Valentine's Day!

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