Preschool Homeschool Thanksgiving Unit

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It is almost Thanksgiving?!?!  It seems like just yesterday, we were all outside in shorts and tee shirts grilling for the Fourth Of July!  If you have purchased our complete 4 year old program, this Thanksgiving unit has been added to your curriculum library.  If you haven't bought our 4 year bundle, don't worry!  Our Thanksgiving unit can be purchased a la carte here.  Check out some photos from our week!
How cute are these leaf shaped theme board cards???  Kylie is 4 1/2 now so she is just now "getting" that Thanksgiving is a holiday like Christmas and Easter.
Meet Tom the Turkey!  He was very hungry this week and we"fed" him lots of letters our favorite food started with.
This little guy wanted in on the Thanksgiving fun he saw his big sister doing.  One of our wake up, warm up math activities were these Thanksgiving food themed clip (or pom pom in this scenario) cards. #proudmomma
 Our language blocks had Kylie building an 8 page Thanksgiving story that focused on pattern recognition, letter sounds, alphabetical order.  I'm not much for sports analogies, but the language activities this week were a real home run! 
Roll, record, and race to 10 is a house favorite math activity!  This edition had the added bonus of being able to use Kylie's favorite joke from It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.  Every time she rolled Plymouth Rock she said in her best Charlie Brown voice, "I got a rock."
Not bad for her first color by number worksheet, eh?

Seriously ladies and gentlemen,  this has been my (and I'm pretty sure Kylie's) favorite unit from the Age 4 curriculum bundle!  It was too stinkin' fun.  If you want to join in on the fun, you can buy this unit here or our entire Age 4 program here.

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