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Kylie and I have made it week 30!  Check out some photos from our last week of preschool!
This week was spent learning about what students and teachers do in the community.  Our dramatic play lesson was a big hit.  Kylie loved playing teacher at Stuffy School!
Our math lessons this week were spent learning about standard and non standard measurement.  If you have Netflix, there is a great episode of the PBS show Sid The Science Kid that discusses non standard measurement.  It is called "The Whale Episode."
I am blown away by the improvement in Kylie's handwriting in the past few months!
I'm also amazed by her scissor skills!  My kids are OBSESSED with public transit, so I printed out an extra for Porter to do.
This science experiment almost didn't happen since the weather was lousy all week.  But alas, the clouds broke and the sun came out on Friday!  These "guess what will happen" activities are always fun in our house.  We chose chocolate chips, butter, an elephant, and cashews and guessed which would melt in the sun.  We checked a few hours later, and found this!  I think a sneaky squirrel grabbed the cashews, but Kylie is convinced the sun melted them into nothing!
And then this happened!  My baby girl is a preschool graduate!!! We have had so much fun over the past year learning about countries, environments, and community helpers.  Thank you so much for following along on our preschool homeschool adventure!  If you have any questions about our curriculum, please feel free to email me or check out our website for more information.

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