Preschool Homeschool Squares Unit

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  • Preschool Homeschool Squares Unit

"It's hip to be (or learn about!) square(s)." -Huey Lewis And The News
Squares is week 11 from our 46 week homeschool curriculum for 2 and 3 year olds.  Keep scrolling to see photos from our week!
Building our theme board first thing Monday morning is a great way to set the tone for the week.

Please excuse the following old lady lament...
I get kind of bummed out whenever I see articles around the start of the year that say something like  "Children born this year will never know what a video rental store is." or "The graduating high school class this year does not know what dial up internet is."  I really, truly, hope that the act of sending and receiving mailed letters is never part of a headline like that.  
One of our wake up, warm up activities in this unit is a review of our feelings flashcards.

K and Q are the letters of the week!

The practical life exercise could not have fallen on a more perfect week!  Porter enjoyed folding cloth napkins into squares.
Every week I say to myself, "There is no way Home CEO Maraya can make a better lesson than last week." Then she comes up with these number review sheets!  Have your child fill it out, or print out the filled out one and hang it as a poster in your homeschool room!
"Oh!  Eight squares!"  He loved these new, interactive pages in his math notebook.

Can you find the hidden squares?

Porter's art block this week had him making a picture frame.  Use our embellishments to decorate it, or anything else you happen to have!

This is Mommy's favorite gross motor card!

We hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our day to day homeschool life!  Please check out our website to find out more about our curriculum bundles and the charities we support.

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