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Kylie and I learned about rainforests this week!  The rainforest life unit is week 17 of our 30 week curriculum bundle geared towards 3 and 4 year olds  Check out some pictures from our week!
We had to do some adjusting with our homeschooling material since we moved, and I am loving our new "good morning board!"  I had to print out some new weather cards since rainy, snowy, and chilly were not needed in Southern California.
Another amazing week of color vocab cards for our theme board!

And another week of great books!  I think we are on our third family copy of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!  My kids can't get enough of that book.
_in and _op words were our focus this week during our language block.
Do we have any Super Why fans out there? I didn't even need to read the directions for this worksheet.  She immediately transformed in Alpha Pig and said "Lets follow the letter trail.  Sing with me!"
Confession time...I lost track of how much time we spent watching sloth videos on YouTube this week.  They are so darn cute!  I totally get why Kristen Bell had a breakdown when she got to meet one!  This sloth craft is also a great keepsake to remember how small your little ones foot is.
Our math blocks this week had us counting a lot!
We added another page to our science notebook.  The life cycle of a plant!
**Home CEO Hack** YouTube has some great time lapsed videos showing seeds sprouting!

There you have it!  Week 17, rainforest life, is in the books.  
If you would like to purchase our rainforest unit as a stand alone lesson, check out our TpT page here.  Rainforest life is also part of our 30 week curriculum bundle that is available here

Check back next week when we explore farm life!

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