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Families come in all shapes and size, and in week 34 of our full year preschool program for 2-3 year olds, we celebrated that!
We started out family unit out with a little Mommy and me matching activity!
That flowed nicely into this animal family worksheet.  I honestly had a great time researching for this worksheet!  Did you know that a group of alligators are called a congregation? Did you know a group of frogs is called an army?  How cool!
One of our favourite family activities is going to the playground.  If we were to set up a tent, I swear my kids would live there!
Porter has shown no interest in the directed drawing activities for a few weeks.  That's ok though.  His big sister loves them!
Are you going on a trip this summer?  Get your kiddo in the packing mood with this i-spy!
We LOVE families walks!  Get your shoes on, grab a clip board, and explore with this five sense family walk activity from our gross motor section.  What did we see?  Construction vehicles :(  What did we hear?  Construction vehicles :(  What did we smell?  Pizza!  What did we touch?  Soft mulberries.  What did we taste?  Mulberries when we got home!
Families are different, but the one thing they all have in common is love.  We listened to The Beatles "All You Need Is Love" while doing this handwriting exercise.
This is our second copy of "Home" by Carson Ellis because we accidentally left our first in a hotel in San Fransisco during our cross country move a few summers ago.  If you only buy one book from our recommended reading list, please have it be this one.  The illustrations are simply amazing and the story is wonderful!
During one of our wake up, warm up periods this week, we looked at these cards and asked if loves does...   Does love argue?  Does love help?  Does love share?
We introduced some CVC words this week!  

Porter and I may be finishing our homeschooling journey for the year in a few weeks, but now is a great time to start yours!  Go to our website to find more information on our full year programs for 2-3 year olds.

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